What is a Risk Manager?

The risk manager supports the company to achieve its objectives. He helps to identify the weaknesses that could threaten the realization of such objectives and the opportunities. He is a coordinator, educator and communicator. The risk manager’s profile is largely determined by the structure to which his actions will apply. Experienced based, this position must allow adaptation to a multitude of professional cultures (financial, legal, technical, commercial,…) and be combined with an attitude to communicate and convince.

The rimap® Body of Knowledge

Published in September 2015, the rimap® Body of Knowledge is a comprehensive list of knowledge that a risk manager might know. It is available here

The rimap® Body of Knowledge is composed of the following blocks:

  • Business basics for the risk manager
  • Essentials of risk management
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk treatment I
  • Risk treatment II
  • Risk communication, monitoring and review
  • Specific risk management topics

The rimap® certification exam for risk professionals and accreditation for education providers are based on the content of the Body of Knowledge.

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