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Gaining recognition for risk management in Russia

Russia started on the way to a market economy and democratisation of political life less than 20 years ago. For many years of the socialist-planned economy, we did not know about trade and stock exchanges, hedging and factoring and of course, we did not understand the role of risk management.

I was elected as a president of RusRisk 11 years ago when our association was created by representatives of professional business communities, banks and insurance business. At that time, these people knew little about risk management and did not understand its importance for management and business efficiency, but they wanted to learn. Continue reading

Russians welcome FERMA President

The Russian risk management society RusRisk held a business breakfast with the President of FERMA, Jorge Luzzi at the offices of Deloitte CIS in Moscow. More than 30 people from the risk management community took part, among them representatives of large industrial and energy companies and cellular phone operators, national and international insurers, universities and consultants. Continue reading