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Interview with Mario Ramirez Ortuzar

Interview with Mario Ramirez Ortuzar, Forum Programme Committee member and Vice President of AGERS

  • What do you see as key topic for European risk managers in 2015?
  • What sort of experience do you want the Forum to be for risk managers?
  • How can risk managers use the Forum to enhance their value to their companies?

Interview with Sabrina Hartusch

Interview with Sabrina Hartusch, Forum Programme Committee member and President of SIRM

  • Why do you think increasing diversity in the risk management profession is important?
  • How does being involved in a European or international risk management organisation help you in your work?
  • How can young risk professionals take advantage of the Forum to help build their careers?

Interview with Alessandro De Felice

Interview with Alessandro De Felice, Vice President of FERMA

  • How is ANRA preparing for hosting the Forum in Venice?
  • What are the three key objectives for the Forum in Venice?
  • How will ANRA use the Forum to raise the profile of risk management in Italy?