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Letter from Brussels: Business plan to follow our new strategic vision and mission statement

At our general assembly in June, we unveiled a new strategic vision and mission statement for FERMA. They provide the basis for the development of a business plan which will lay down the direction of FERMA over the next three years.

Typhaine Beaupérin

We are currently developing this business plan to move towards our vision of “a world where risk management is embedded in the business model and culture of organisations”.

In practical terms, this means that the business plan will set out how we can best represent the interests of our member associations and their members to European institutions. We will also strengthen and widen understanding of the value of risk management and the role of the risk manager.

We have, of course, been doing just this, but we want to connect our activities more closely with the needs of our members. From our Brussels base, we can both present their views to European institutions and communicate with them on European developments with important implications for risk management. This two-way communication is essential.

Another important aspect of the business plan is education. Bringing the certification project rimap® to implementation remains a top priority for FERMA. Having certified professional status will assist the risk manager in proving his or her value to the organisation.

FERMA has developed the necessary tools for rimap to take off. The associations now need to take ownership of this certification programme. This is why we will work on a new cooperation model and a new governance for rimap.

Education takes place through the sharing and exchange of information, expertise and ideas. FERMA, therefore, wants to act as a platform for cooperation among member associations and their collaboration with other stakeholders. We are reviewing the positioning of the FERMA Seminar with a stronger focus on the purpose of education with the aim of providing better insight into a limited number of subjects. The Forum, with which the Seminar alternates, is intended to be high level, on the cutting-edge of progress in risk management practices. Obviously, it is the only European event of this kind.

The business plan will be ready by the end of the year. By this time next year, you will see a FERMA with a business plan that supports the achievement of our strategic vision and mission making use of the key drivers.

Typhaine Beaupérin, CEO


For more information, see the new FERMA vision and mission here.

Making FERMA ever more open and efficient to support risk managers

My aim is for FERMA to work for the advantage of risk managers by becoming ever more open and efficient, says FERMA’s new CEO, Typhaine Beaupérin after her first month in the job. She is full of enthusiasm. “What I really love about FERMA is that the board and the members are passionate about what they do. With their support and the quality and commitment of the team in the FERMA office, my ambition is more than achievable.”

Ms.Typhaine Beaupérin, FERMA CEO

Ms.Typhaine Beaupérin, FERMA CEO

Typhaine joined FERMA as its first CEO in early December. A French woman who has lived in Brussels for more than 12 years and studied in France, Germany, the UK and Belgium, she declares herself an enthusiastic European. “I value different ways of thinking, of doing and of being, while aiming at a common goal.”

Before joining FERMA, she worked for 10 years as a lobbyist for a multi-national retail company, a global law firm and one of the leading European business organisations, EUROCHAMBRES. She was drawn to FERMA job, she says, because it gives her an opportunity to work directly with a profession, and with an organisation that is in the process of development.

“It is very refreshing to work with so many people who are so committed, so passionate about what they are doing. The members of the board give their time free on behalf of the profession. They have a real commitment to making sure that the profession is ever better recognised. Their dedication to the success of FERMA’s professional certification project rimap is one example of this, but it is not the only one.”

Typhaine finds politics fascinating, and her understanding of how policies are made and legislation passed will help to strengthen FERMA’s advocacy role. She believes FERMA should be a recognised partner for European institutions on all risk-related issues, direct or indirect. “Europe is a democratic progress and this is why groups make their views known. We want to be in the debate. We can be involved as stakeholders in shaping opinion. Being in Brussels, FERMA is close to the heart of European decision making.”

While working on FERMA’s new strategic plan, Typhaine says that her personal objective is “to make FERMA an even more open and efficient organisation in which all want to commit and participate. We cannot live without our members and to work with them, we have to be open and inclusive. We have to be efficient so that we can increase our visibility at EU level and in that way provide added value to members. I want to listen to our members, find out what they expect and connect better with them.”