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Join the FERMA community on social media

FERMA invites you to become part of its growing online community which is already 5000 strong and growing (3033 followers on Twitter and more than 2400 members on LinkedIn).
Via its blog, Twitter, Youtube and Slideshare, FERMA regularly publishes news, insights, interviews and research. Additionally, the FERMA Risk Talk LinkedIn group provides a platform for risk managers to share their experience and expertise, exchange ideas and opinions, and look for advice, solutions and recommendations that were once out of reach. Continue reading

FERMA Forum 2013 has gone Mobile!

The Risk Management Community is also on the Social Media networks and platforms.

Enrich your time at the Forum; get all information and exclusive content and network with other attendees. Continue reading

Tweet, tweet

FERMA now has more than 2000 twitter followers. Are you
one? If not, we hope you will follow @fermarisk, and use the
hashtags #fermarisk and #fermaforum in your own tweets.
We also have Continue reading

Become a Thought Leader

Over the next two years, FERMA wants board, committee and national associations’ members to come to the forefront of FERMA’s communication strategy by becoming Thought Leaders.

This is the next important step in FERMA’s strategy to strengthen the risk managers’ community, empower FERMA members and increase awareness of FERMA’s actions and content.
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How to become a thought leader?

FERMA invites any member willing to become a thought leader to write a short article in English on a topic of your choice (risk management in your country, your national event, a current concern in your industry…) to be published on FERMA’s social media channels . It only needs to be 200-250 words. We welcome any additional content you might wish to pass on or create. Continue reading

Why Social Media?

Don’t miss the conference call on social media on Monday 4th March 2013 from 11:00am to 12:00pm CET Continue reading

Not just for geeks

If cyber risks appear regularly in surveys of things that might keep the CEO awake at night, they undoubtedly give risk managers some uncomfortable moments, too. The first things do to manage this risk is not to ask – What insurance solutions are available? There is a three stage process to go through before reaching for the broker. Continue reading

Social media reputation damage high on risk managers’ list of concerns: Press Coverage

Social media reputation damage high on risk managers’ list of concerns (Press Coverage of FERMA Press release 23 October 2011) Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

Latest news from FERMA. October was an exceptionally busy month for FERMA with the successful conference in Stockholm, the launch of the new logo and the new website. Now back in the office, we are working on the next stage of the guidance on the 8th Company Law Directive. We are planning our 2012 projects, among them the seminar and the benchmarking survey.
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Cyber risk survey results

Social media are a great means of communicating and building communities. At the same time, their implications for company reputation are a real concern for risk managers. This is the finding of an online survey on cyber risks conducted by FERMA and the Institute of Risk Management (IRM). The survey, which took place just ahead of the Forum, received a total of 186 replies from members of the two organisations. They were asked which three cyber risks they regarded as the greatest threats to business in general and to their own organisation and then how these risks were managed. Continue reading