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A duty of care

FERMA proposes to publish a white paper providing the European risk managers’ perspective on the management of safety, health and security risks for work-related international travel and assignments. The paper, which would be prepared in
cooperation with the International SOS Foundation and the EU Occupation Safety and Health Agency (EU-OHSA) will provide
information and guidance on organisations’ duty of care for their workers on cross-border assignments.

Duty of care is the moral and legal responsibility of organisations to their workers, contractors, volunteers and others such as family members, especially when they are on international assignments or in remote areas of their own country. Businesses need to manage those responsibilities and ensure the health and safety of those workers through a proper travel risk management policy. Continue reading

Could I have saved a life today? Health and Safety at Work

This session is about setting focus on the importance of health and safety and proper maintenance work because each company has a responsibility to ensure a safe workplace for its employees but also to optimise costs which is very likely to become a great benefit in the long run due to fx. fewer sick leaves and deaths and thereby fewer legal cases against a company. We will show a short film just to set the scene for the session. The film will touch you and put you in a mood to be open for change! Continue reading

FERMA’s response to the consultation document Green Paper on corporate governance

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (“FERMA”) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the European Commission’s staff working document, “Green Paper on the EU corporate governance framework”. Continue reading