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A role for the risk manager in corporate transparency
This directive amends the Accounting Directive, and it will become law following the expected adoption by the European Council in the next few weeks. Most quoted companies already publish a corporate social responsibility (CSR) report that covers many of the topics to be disclosed, but this directive makes disclosure mandatory and it extends this requirement to all companies and groups with more than 500 employees, and insurance companies and banks. The EU estimates it will affect about 6000 enterprises in total. Continue reading

What role for the risk managers in the increasing trend for greater financial transparency?

For over a year now, there has been a strong political will to increase greatly transparency over corporate financial transactions. We mentioned this in an article last November that can be seen here.

Several amendments from members of the European Parliament (MEPs) requesting the introduction of some country by country reporting provisions have been added to the original proposal from the European Commission on non-financial reporting (environmental, social and employee matters) for large companies. Continue reading

Influence, a vigilante against regulatory risk

In a recent interview, a French official working at EU level expressed concerns about decreasing French capabilities to influence Brussels and called for a completely renewed influence strategy. “L’influence précède l’action” – “Influence precedes action,” he said. Continue reading