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Influence, a vigilante against regulatory risk

In a recent interview, a French official working at EU level expressed concerns about decreasing French capabilities to influence Brussels and called for a completely renewed influence strategy. “L’influence précède l’action” – “Influence precedes action,” he said. Continue reading

Managing risk in a time of crisis

Times of crisis can cast a long shadow for risk managers. Cristina Martínez, director of corporate risk management at Spain’s Campofrío Food Group and a member of the FERMA board, explains to Rafael Sierra how the downturn has changed approaches to risk management. Continue reading

Hearing voices – the failings of Basle III

In the language of psychology, it would be called the start of schizophrenia. For some time now, we have been hearing voices. They reiterate fears about an overly complicated prudential system which has lost sight of its objectives in a mass of detail that few can deal with. Continue reading