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Windmills, tulips, skating and orange!

Windmills, tulips, skating and orange – these are the things that pop up in people’s mind when they think of Holland.

It will not surprise you that the traditional windmills so familiar from Dutch paintings are now outnumbered by the modern versions producing ‘wind energy’, but tulips (and flowers in general) are still a key export product, and skating (on ice) is still our favourite sport in the winter. Continue reading

All insurance buyers should have a right to information from their intermediary

FERMA believes that all insurance buyers are entitled to a minimum European standard of disclosure in the revised Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD2).
At present, the Directive only covers consumers and small businesses. It does not protect:
Large risks, typically those insured by FERMA members
What are called professional customers, including many medium sized enterprises
FERMA has restated this opinion to the European Parliamentary Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee which is now considering the draft Directive. It will go to Parliament for a final vote in July.

This is the view FERMA has strongly expressed in a position paper to the Parliamentary Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee which will consider the draft directive before it goes to Plenary for a final vote in July. Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

Florence Bindelle, Executive Manager: Since I have been with FERMA, I have never experienced such an active and committed board where each member is enthusiastic about his or her project: Cristina Martinez on the benchmarking survey, Michel Dennery on the Seminar, Igor Mikhaylov on the certification, Peter den Dekker on the Forum, Arnout van der Veer on finance and Julia Graham on ISO 31000 and 31004. Continue reading

… they did it again!

This is the ‘before’ picture of the team led by FERMA board member Peter den Dekker (centre) which again tackled the difficult Viking Run, an 80km skating race from Uppsala to Stockholm. What began as an idea to promote the 2011 FERMA Forum in Stockholm could become an annual outing, according to Strategic Risk editor Nathan Skinner (left) who has taken part on both occasions. This year everyone got a medal. Continue reading

Towards global compliance

FERMA and member association Airmic with the London and International Insurance Brokers’ Association will in November approach interested parties in the insurance market with a request for proposals to set up a global insurance regulation and tax database. The issue of global compliance was one of the most debated topics at the FERMA Forum in Stockholm, both in a workshop devoted to the subject and in the questions to insurance industry leaders in the final panel. Immediate past President Peter den Dekker, who remains on the board of FERMA, and Vice President Julia Graham, who chaired the Forum workshop, are driving the contribution from FERMA. Continue reading

Young Risk Professionals

The young risk managers’ network is now looking to build a continuing virtual meeting place, following its successful launch at the Forum in Stockholm. The next planning meeting is expected to take place in Brussels in December. The network is a joint programme between FERMA and Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). Continue reading

Shaping up for tomorrow in Stockholm – The 2011 FERMA Risk Forum

Shaping up for tomorrow in Stockholm – The 2011 FERMA Risk Forum: Jorge Luzzi, Josef Ackermann, Magnus Lindkvist .. and more! Continue reading

The den Dekker Years – Commercial Risk Europe – October 2011

Article published in “Risk Commercial Europe” (VOL.2 / ISS.8/ OCTOBER 2011).
It has been an exceptionally busy couple of years for FERMA while Peter den Dekker has been in charge… following is a brief history of what the federation has been up to and what has achieved under his presidency.
Continue reading

Peter den Dekker hands presidency to Jorge Luzzi (video)

Peter den Dekker introduces the new president of FERMA: Jorge Luzzi. Continue reading

Peter den Dekker’s Highlights from Day 1 of the FERMA Forum

We interviewed Peter right after the end of Day 1. Presented here are his feelings about the day. In his own words and with a big smile he started with saying “It was great!”

“Wow! What an amazing start to the 2011 FERMA Forum. Tectonic shift isn’t an expression I think of when it comes to financial services, but when we heard it from our opening speaker, Dr Josef Ackermann, the head of Deutsche Bank, it told us just how big the changes in financial services, especially in banking, really are. It was great for FERMA members to get an in-depth discussion from someone at this level. Continue reading