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A duty of care

FERMA proposes to publish a white paper providing the European risk managers’ perspective on the management of safety, health and security risks for work-related international travel and assignments. The paper, which would be prepared in
cooperation with the International SOS Foundation and the EU Occupation Safety and Health Agency (EU-OHSA) will provide
information and guidance on organisations’ duty of care for their workers on cross-border assignments.

Duty of care is the moral and legal responsibility of organisations to their workers, contractors, volunteers and others such as family members, especially when they are on international assignments or in remote areas of their own country. Businesses need to manage those responsibilities and ensure the health and safety of those workers through a proper travel risk management policy. Continue reading

Healthy workplaces manage stress – a FERMA partnership campaign

The Toyota Safety Days in collaboration with the European Agency for Safety and Health (EU-OSHA) hosted over 70 participants with a professional interest in safety, more specifically Toyota Material Handling’s customers, suppliers, authorities, associates and EU-OSHA campaign partners. The event took place on 26th and 27th of November 2014 at Toyota Material Handling Europe’s head office and factory for BT warehouse equipment in Mjölby, Sweden. Continue reading

Healthy workplaces manage stress – a FERMA partnership

FERMA believes that stress in the workplace is an enterprise risk management issue to be shared with HR and other departments because of its enormous potential consequences for employers, including: Continue reading

Knowledge Corner

FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers. Continue reading

FERMA named official partner in European-wide campaign to manage stress at work

FERMA executive director Florence Bindelle said: “As in previous years, FERMA is pleased to have been selected among the partners of the EU-OSHA campaign to improve workplace health and safety. We are aware of the positive effects that tackling psychosocial risks can have on overall business performance, particularly long-term sustainability and social responsibility. Some FERMA members have launched initiatives to work closely with human resources directors to define risk indicators.” Continue reading

Working together for risk prevention

EU workplaces are safer and healthier than ever before, but every year there are still nearly 7 million workplace accidents and further millions suffer work related illness. The economic impact is estimated at €490 billion a year – more than half the current cost of the EU’s financial crisis bail-out fund. Continue reading

FERMA is an official partner of the new EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012–13 “Working together for risk prevention”

The Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012–13 ‘Working together for risk prevention’ encourages managers, workers and other stakeholders to join forces to improve safety and health.
The Campaign is co-ordinated by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), and partners in the EU’s 27 Member States and beyond. Continue reading