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Knowledge Corner

Here is FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers…

Business Interruption

Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty
Global Claims Review 2015

Global Risks
Control Risks Risk Map 2016 (English)

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental liability and enterprise insurance
FFSA (French)


Global Fraud Report
Kroll (English) available on registration

Natural Catastrophes 2015

Manuel of the AGERS working group on natural catastrophes
AGERS (Spanish)


Munich Re (English, German)

Swiss Re (English, German)

DVS (German)
NARIM (Dutch)

First Session for the 2nd Working Group of AGERS´ Spanish Risk

The new Risk Managers Group from AGERS, created in order to analyze the possible situations in which catastrophic claims occur, has organized its first working session last Monday, September 23, to develop the conclusions of the second Manual of this Association, “Natural Disasters”.

The findings of this new working group (WG) will be published next May in the book “Natural Disasters” during the XXVI Spanish Congress of Risk Management and Insurance. Continue reading

Expert Views

For more than 35 years, the independent CRESTA initiative has dedicated itself to devising a universal standard for accumulation control of natural catastrophe risks. In 2013, the previous standard underwent a comprehensive reform, and many new countries and functions were added to the online platform, Cresta.org. Continue reading

FERMA Position Paper on the 2013 Green Paper on Disaster Insurance



Read FERMA Press Release in English

FERMA discourages EU from compulsory schemes for catastrophe insurance

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has told the European Commission that any new insurance solutions for catastrophe risks should be market based and respect freedom of choice for company insurance buyers. Continue reading

FERMA Risk Management Seminar 2012 Presentations – “Pre-Seminar Debate: The Evolution of Natural Catastrophe Coverage in Europe and France”

FERMA Risk Management Seminar 2012 Presentations – “Pre-Seminar Debate: The Evolution of Natural Catastrophe Coverage in Europe and France” Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

Florence Bindelle, Executive Manager

Florence Bindelle, Executive Manager

The way that EU regulations develop from proposals or green papers into directives some years later is far from transparent and can be very messy. Knowing how to represent the views of risk managers in the right place and at the right time is something that FERMA takes very seriously.

The measures put forward by the EU and its various institutions have an enormous and wide ranging impact on our working lives. Current projects FERMA is monitoring include natural catastrophes, environmental pollution, Solvency II and captives, broker remuneration and the Insurance Medication Directive II, co-insurance and data protection. We are also an official sponsor of the healthy workplaces campaign Working together for risk prevention coordinated by the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work (EU-OHSA).

These are projects which continue to develop, but have been underway for some time. Our aim now is to help our members understand better how EU institutions work. Next year, we’ll be announcing some new ideas, possibly in connection with the general assembly in June.

We ask for our members’ concerns about European matters, primarily through the monthly presidents’ call between FERMA President Jorge Luzzi, and the heads of the national associations. We are also steadily increasing our contacts with EU institutions to raise awareness of FERMA positions, and we join forces with other European associations with similar interests to increase the weight of our views.

We may not make the process of EU law making any tidier but it should be clearer, so the members will be empowered to get their views known where they count.

Around Europe

This coming year is likely to see the European Commission narrowing its focus to concentrate on measures that it wants to see adopted by the end of its term in mid-2014. Here is a short status report on projects of most interest to FERMAQ members. For more information on EU legislation or FERMA’s activities with European institutions, contact executive manager Florence Bindelle at florence.bindelle@ferma.eu Continue reading

Beware a raging sun

The sun has now been sleeping for nearly two years, but it is about to wake and it will not be good tempered. Solar activity usually follows an 11 year cycle, rising to a peak, dropping down and then building up to its maximum. The last period of such activity was recorded in 2001and the next is expected in 2013. Continue reading

A request for views on managing natural catastrophes

FERMA national associations have until 31 May to comment on the European Commission report Natural catastrophes: Risk relevance and insurance coverage in the EU. The aim is to consider the most appropriate balance between preparation, insurance and post-event government intervention in dealing with disasters. This report is the result of an in-depth examination by the European Commission of national insurance schemes and contributions from stakeholders, insurance experts and academics to a conference organised by the Directorate of Internal Market and Services in November 2011. The present exercise covers flood, storm, earthquake and drought. Continue reading