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Future of risk management and the global risk factor theory: possible perspectives

The modern risk management is currently going through an ideological crisis showing the following symptoms: failure to understand the nature of the majority of risks, eclecticism of methods and concepts, in both technologies and standards of risk management, disregard of the interaction between operational risk, credit risk and market risk, lack of continuity in management processes, lack of common rating scales for the assessment of various risks,inadequate tools for operational risk assessment, the virtual absence of portfolio approach to operational risk management, difficulties with forecasting stress and crisis scenarios generation, difficulties with explaining the nature of chaotic market processes, the problem of the recently increased relevance of some previously uncommon factors, of which the following ones are thought by the author to be most important, cyber-terrorism and industrial terrorism, influence of social networks, High Frequency Trading (HFT), threat of antibiotic resistance. Continue reading


In today’s Russia, advanced risk management is experiencing the same ups and downs as elsewhere in the world. RusRisk is actively involved in international processes, and we are concerned with the same problems and we are seeking and promoting solutions in the frontier areas of science and practice. Continue reading

Survey Interviews: Mikhail Rogov

Survey Interviews: Mikhail Rogov – Dr. Associate Professor, Vice President RusRisk, Russia Continue reading