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Forum 2015 – just over six months to go

The FERMA Forum 2015 moves ever closer. The Forum website is now open at http://archives.ferma.eu/ferma-forum-2015/, the programme is taking shape and online registration will start any day. Continue reading

A board member’s dedication

At the FERMA Forum 2013 in Maastricht, we arranged a session for women called Ladies at Risk Lunch and the topic was ‘women on boards’. The thought behind a special session for women was two-fold: Networking and Inspiring & educating. Continue reading

Interview with Helle Friberg

Interview with Helle Friberg, FERMA board member on the ladies in risk management lunch at the FERMA Forum 2013 in Maastricht from 29th Septembre till 2 October 2013. Continue reading

Ladies in Risk Management Lunch

Historically, risk managers, brokers and insurers have found the insurance market to be pretty much a man’s world, but gradually the number and involvement of women have increased. The FERMA Forum Ladies @ Risk Lunch, which takes place on 1 October, is an opportunity for women involved in the marketplace to talk through the challenges and opportunities in their work Continue reading