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Learning from military experience: Anticipation as a risk management principle

Retiring as a French Air Force four star general in September 2011, Gilles Desclaux set up his own
consultancy company GDC2. He is also an outside director to Thales Raytheon Systems and defence adviser
to Ernst & Young France. In his keynote address at the FERMA Forum on 2 October, he will tell risk managers
about the importance of ‘anticipation’.

He responded to some questions from FERMA. Continue reading

FERMA Forum 2011 Pictures, Sessions and more..

FERMA Risk Management Forum 2011 – Stockholm, Waterfront Congress Center, 2-5 October 2011

General Information, Session and Workshops, Presentations, Videos, Interviews, Press Releases, Press Coverage.. and more! Continue reading

Peter den Dekker hands presidency to Jorge Luzzi (video)

Peter den Dekker introduces the new president of FERMA: Jorge Luzzi. Continue reading

Video Highlights from Magnus Lindkvist’s keynote “The Attack of the Unexpected”

FERMA Forum 2011, Monday 3 October, Keynote (11:15 – 12:15)
Here are video highlights from Magnus’s ground-breaking keynotes. The deafening round of applause at the end speaks for itself : this was a huge success. Continue reading

Video Highlights from FERMA Forum’s Opening Keynote

FERMA Forum 2011, Monday 3 October, Opening Keynote (09:00 – 10:15)
Peter den Dekker (Corporate Insurance Risk Manager, Stork, and President of FERMA), Charlotte Barnekow (Head of Insurance Risk Management, Ericsson, and Chairman of SWERMA) and Josef Ackermann CEO of Deutsche Bank) opened the 2011 FERMA Forum. Continue reading

Dr Josef Ackermann opened the FERMA Forum 2011

Dr Josef Ackermann, Chairman of the Management Board and of the Group Executive Committee of Deutsche Bank, opened the 2011 Risk Management Forum of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) in Stockholm today with a keynote speech on the future of the financial industry. Continue reading

FERMA Forum’s Opening speech by Peter den Dekker

In case you missed it, here’s last night’s opening speech by Peter Den Dekker. Continue reading

FERMA Forum opening remarks

The president of the largest organisation of European risk managers today (Mon) called on reinsurers to work with their ultimate customers, corporate insurance buyers, to develop solutions for the risks highlighted by the spate of natural catastrophes over the last two years. Opening the 2011 Risk Management Forum of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA), the President Peter den Dekker said reinsurers needed to understand how business models had changed so they could support insurers in devising innovative solutions to risks that companies face now and will do in future. Continue reading

Keynote (Magnus Lindkvist)

Magnus Lindkvist is difficult to put in a box. Is he a futurologist, a writer, a researcher, a professor, a professional speaker or all at once ? He names himself a trendspotter which means he is able to detect trends and project them into the future. He combines insights about them with exuberant energy and personal warmth to create vivid images of the world we live in and the world we will live in. He mixes measurable, tangible data with imaginative, emotional ideas to discover the point at which business logic and human magic meet. His new book “The attack of the unexpected” is a guide to surprises and uncertainty. Magnus Lindkvist was elected best speaker in Sweden in 2009. Continue reading