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Product safety law to become more consistent

Debates around the final implications of the EU package on product safety and market surveillance released by the European Commission last 13 February 2013 will soon come to an end. The proposed regulations were adopted by the European Parliament on 15 April 2014 before discussion with the Council of the EU; they will replace the current EU General Product Safety Directive adopted in 2001. Continue reading

Influence, a vigilante against regulatory risk

In a recent interview, a French official working at EU level expressed concerns about decreasing French capabilities to influence Brussels and called for a completely renewed influence strategy. “L’influence précède l’action” – “Influence precedes action,” he said. Continue reading

FERMA concerned about revised version of the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD2)

FERMA is concerned that the revised version of the Insurance Mediation Directive does not treat all insurance buyers equally particularly when it comes to standards of disclosure. In the current version of IMD2, only individual policyholders and small businesses would be entitled to disclosure of their intermediary’s remuneration. Continue reading

IMD 2: FERMA continues to make the case for professional customers

The Insurance Mediation Directive revision (IMD 2) entered its active parliamentary phase about three months ago, and its schedule is already suffering delays of several months, shifting from May to July for its final adoption.

Over this period, FERMA will continue to press its view strongly for changes to the directive to provide greater protection for the corporate insurance customer. Continue reading

Collective redress: out of court settlement must be the rule

The possibility of an EU-wide mass claims system has been on the European Commission radar for years and is once again bouncing back with a forthcoming communication from the Commission expected to be published by June this year. It will probably state the obvious and not take any decisive step towards one particular mass restitution scheme. Continue reading

Cyber strategy: The EU response to network vulnerabilities

In February, the European Commission published a strategy document on cyber security (here). This non-binding, yet indicative, document can be seen as the European counterpart of the US executive order signed by President Obama the very same week which aims at protecting the computer networks of crucial American industries from cyber attacks. Continue reading

Co-insurance works, say FERMA and E&Y

The long awaited Ernst & Young study on co(re)insurance pools and on ad-hoc co(re)insurance agreements on the subscription market was released in February.

On 12 March 2013, members of the FERMA team attended the workshop organised by the European Commission to present the main findings of the study to insurance and risk management industry stakeholders. Continue reading

FERMA appoints full time European adviser

FERMA has appointed its first full time European Affairs Representative to help promote the interests of FERMA members with European institutions and in terms of EU legislation. He is Julien Bedhouche, a French national with a masters’ degree in European law from Rennes University in Brittany. Continue reading

Commission wants to extend risk reporting requirements

The European Commission wants to put forward a proposal this year to extend the reporting requirements for companies with regard to their management of non-financial risks by amending the Accounting Directive. Continue reading