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Paolo Rubini insights of the ANRA Annual Conference

On September 25th and 26th the 15th edition of the Annual ANRA Convention took place in Milan. An event which over the years has established itself as the most important opportunity to discuss and reflect on risk management issues in our country. Our latest edition was attended by over 400 guests, including over 100 Risk Managers and Insurance Managers, 161 insurers and reinsurers, 64 brokers, 46 company enterprise experts, 14 institutions, universities, associations, to which more than 60 staff members must be added. An unprecedented success in the history of ANRA, which puts us on a par with the most successful events in Europe, such as the one sponsored by FERMA, the European Federation of Risk Management Associations, and with major associations such as the AIRMIC in the UK, the AMRAE in France, DVS Germany. Continue reading

Enterprise Risk Management & Governance: What’s the added value?

The National Risk Manager Association, during its Annual Conference (#ANRA2014), analyzes the profession of risk managers in terms of good governance.

The “Observatory on the Corporate Risk Manager’s role in Italy”, promoted by ANRA and RiskGovernance – Politecnico di Milano, shows the identikit of the risk manager in Italian companies. He is a man in 87% out of 283 companies analyzed, with an average age of 50 years old and with a university education in Economics (24%) or engineering (16%). 40% of respondents are Chief Risk Officers and in 76% of cases they were recruited internally. Which are the most significant risks for the next 5 years? Those linked to internal processes (14%), credit risk (11%) and concentration (10%)”. Continue reading