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FERMA calls for caution on EU insurance contract law changes

FERMA has called for a cautious approach to any changes to the regulatory treatment of differences between EU national insurance contract laws to avoid jeopardising the market for large risks which is working well.

FERMA has made these comments today to the European Commission in its response to the final report by the Expert Group which has been considering whether differences in contract law between EU countries are an obstacle to the cross-border provision of insurance. Continue reading

What to expect in Europe before the elections

This is election year for the European Union. From 22 to 25 May, a new European Parliament will be elected, followed by a new European Commission for the next five years.

What should we expect from the European Commission before the elections in May? Regarding the current relevant files for FERMA, we will see new these developments during the next five months. Continue reading

European insurance contract law goes under the microscope

The first meeting of the European Commission’s Expert Group on European Insurance Contract Law took place in April. The group consists of eight representatives from the insurance sector, four from business and consumer organisations and four from the legal professions and academics.
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