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Buzz at the Forum

Social media, Young risk managers, Ladies lunch, Innovation pitches, Best exhibitor award and Compete in risk management. Continue reading

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions wins FERMA award

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions received FERMA’s first ever product innovation award, launched at the 2011 Risk Management Forum, for its non-damage business interruption cover that allows the aviation industry to mitigate risks associated with unexpected natural events, such as volcanic ash cloud. Continue reading

Innovation in the Insurance Industry – Wishful Thinking or a Realistic Perspective?

The target of this session is to challenge insurer on their business model and to question their principle that insurance coverage shall depend on physical loss and damage scenarios only. As industrial entities and their CFOs are increasingly using sophisticated models to assess financial risks resulting out of their business/programmes it became obvious that certain financial consequences can be also considered as insurable as far as the triggers are sudden accidental or out of the direct control of the industrial entity. A respective insurance solution can be provided by the way of a non-physical business interruption coverage. Continue reading

Liaison uncomfortable – innovation and risk aversion

Leading MEP Malcolm Harbour, Chairman of the Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, told the FERMA roundtable that making Europe more innovative will be the big European issue over the next 18 months, and that risk management had a role to play. “Innovation is required to make Europe sustainable as a powerhouse of the global economy. We are pretty good, in many cases very good, at world leading research but we sometimes may not be so good at converting this into sustainable enterprises. We have to create the right sort of environment, and we are looking for financial instruments that will make it happen,” he said. Continue reading