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Risk managers’ industry groups go pan-European

Several of FERMA’s member associations have industry sector groups for their members. Now for the first time, FERMA has done the same thing on a pan-European basis with a meeting today (Tue). Among the industry sectors covered were banking and financial services, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, automotive and aviation and aerospace.

Allesandro de Felice, Group Risk Manager, Prysmian, who acted as the session moderator, said afterwards: “The questions and topics discussed were really interesting and it was nice to hear the current issues from other industry sectors, issues that you tend to miss out on as you are focused on your own sector. For that reason, the session provided a good learning opportunity for all the attendees.” Continue reading

Pan-European industry groups

Businesses in the same industry face many of the same risks, wherever they are. In Stockholm, their risk managers will have the opportunity to sit down together and discuss their common interests, including their insurance programmes, at roundtables on Tuesday 4 October from 9.00 to 10.15. The specific sectors will depend on the risk managers who enrol, but are most likely to include retail, construction, financial services, industry, energy and telecoms, according to session leader Alessandro De Felice, Group Risk Manager for Prysmian, a high-technology cables and systems group. Continue reading