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Airmic Press Release : London market to co-operate on global compliance database

Leading players in the London market are coming together with a view to producing the first jointly owned compliance database for global insurance programmes. The database will provide details of regulations on a territory-by-territory basis. The first big step toward this goal took place today when Airmic issued a Request for Proposal for a Database of International Insurance Requirements (DIIR)) to potential service providers. Continue reading

Towards global compliance

FERMA and member association Airmic with the London and International Insurance Brokers’ Association will in November approach interested parties in the insurance market with a request for proposals to set up a global insurance regulation and tax database. The issue of global compliance was one of the most debated topics at the FERMA Forum in Stockholm, both in a workshop devoted to the subject and in the questions to insurance industry leaders in the final panel. Immediate past President Peter den Dekker, who remains on the board of FERMA, and Vice President Julia Graham, who chaired the Forum workshop, are driving the contribution from FERMA. Continue reading