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Belgian Risk Management Association turns 40

On 12 December 2014 BELRIM celebrated four decades of continued commitment to Risk Management. Founded in 1974 as the Groupement des Assurés de l’Industrie / Vereniging van de Verzekerden van de Industrie (GAI/VVI), the association’s main objective was to protect and defend the interests of the insured and as such create a counterweight for the strong insurance lobby. Continue reading

Interview with Annemarie Schouw and Gaetan Lefèvre

Interview with Annemarie Schouw, NARIM President and Gaetan Lefèvre, BELRIM President at the FERMA Forum 2013 in Maastricht. Continue reading

Climate change a pressing issue for risk managers

Analysing and mitigating the effects of climate change, such as floods and windstorms, have become pressing issues for risk managers, according to Gaëtan Lefèvre, chairman of the Belgian risk management association BELRIM.

Gaëtan is the moderator of a workshop on climate change at the Risk Management Forum of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA), which will begin on 29 September in Maastricht. Continue reading

Interview with Gaetan Lefèvre

Interview with Gaetan Lefèvre, BELRIM’s President on the FERMA Forum 2013 Continue reading

Enterprise risk management from the top

One of the best descriptions I have heard lately of enterprise risk management (ERM) came not from a risk manager, but from Cécile Coune, the CEO of specialist aviation insurer Aviabel. She and I were taking part in a seminar on risk management and internal audit organised by FERMA’s Belgian member BELRIM, and she was the opening speaker. Continue reading

Interview with Gaëtan Lefèvre

Interview with Gaëtan Lefèvre, Chairman of the Belgian Risk Management Association and Risk & Insurance Manager of Groupe CMI Continue reading