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Hearing voices – the failings of Basle III

In the language of psychology, it would be called the start of schizophrenia. For some time now, we have been hearing voices. They reiterate fears about an overly complicated prudential system which has lost sight of its objectives in a mass of detail that few can deal with. Continue reading

The ground shudders and trembles – more and more

ll the world, in general, feels a shudder of fright when the earth trembles beneath their feet: to the extent that the world only shivers, it is not too severe. We are, however, seeing repeated exceptional seismic events. For 2004, we number at 230,000 the deaths from the earthquake in Sumatra and the resulting tsunami that destroyed all in its path. The earthquake in Chile in 2010 was one of the most violent in the last 100 years and left 521 victims and two million damaged buildings. The total economic loss for the country was estimated at $30bn. In 2011, it was the turn of Japan. Not just did the quake and tsunami cause 20,000 deaths, they also triggered the nuclear catastrophe whose effects will be felt for a long time. The most recent event, two great earthquakes off the coast of Sumatra on 11 April 2012, was felt in Singapore, Thailand and even India. Continue reading

Beware a raging sun

The sun has now been sleeping for nearly two years, but it is about to wake and it will not be good tempered. Solar activity usually follows an 11 year cycle, rising to a peak, dropping down and then building up to its maximum. The last period of such activity was recorded in 2001and the next is expected in 2013. Continue reading