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New appointment for FERMA Executive Director Florence Bindelle

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) announces that Executive Director Florence Bindelle will be leaving FERMA in October following the 2015 FERMA Risk Management Forum to pursue an exciting new career opportunity. Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

September is a busy time for FERMA with the publication of our first European Risk and Insurance Report and the Seminar approaching closer. We’re also working on the plans for our gala dinner to celebrate our 40th anniversary, which will take place on 20 October at the Seminar, and not forgetting forward planning for the 2015 Risk Management Forum in Venice. It’s a very full calendar. Continue reading

Where will risk management go as the climate changes?

Climate change will bring about a transformation in business as companies seek to manage hazards that we believe will intensify. They will also innovate, developing new products and processes that need less energy to produce or to use. In fact, this evolution in already underway, and while it is taking place seems a good time for the risk managers to think about what they want for their role in the business of the future. Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

It has been an eventful two months for FERMA! A FERMA team attended RIMS conference in Denver in April. It was a great occasion for both President Julia Graham and me to meet our counterparts at RIMS and at global level. You will find my
report also in this newsletter. In addition at RIMS, I attended a public affairs presentation and met with Nathan Bacchus RIMS Head of Government Affairs. As businesses are global and operate in a competitive environment, we might see issues on which we could capitalise and benefit by sharing actions led by our organisations that further support the profession. One issue we discussed was fear of the non-renewal at the end of 2014 of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act (TRIA),under which the US government provides catastrophe level reinsurance in the event of a terrorist attack. Continue reading

FERMA goes to RIMS

A team from FERMA attended the Rims conference in Denver in April. The traditional gathering of representatives of
the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations (IFRIMA) on Saturday evening was a good
occasion for both President Julia Graham and Executive Director Florence Bindelle to meet their counterparts from RIMS and at global level. Sunday, FERMA joined the 2nd working group meeting to discuss the framework of risk management education. Continue reading

Political action committees created to strengthen FERMA’s voice

FERMA has established political action committees to strengthen FERMA’s voice on public policy issues and to promote and maintain relationships with European regulators. So far, there are six such committees covering environmental liability, disaster insurance, corporate governance, IMD2, Solvency 2 and captives, and cybersecurity. Continue reading

Corporate governance for non-corporates

FERMA’s scientific adviser Marie-Gemma Dequae and executive director Florence Bindelle spoke to the European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) in Brussels on 14 March on the subject of suitable governance models for associations and how they fit into the current legal and administrative framework in Europe. Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

In a context where risk management is one of the major responsibilities of executive management, identification of opportunities, risk evaluation and preparation for the occurrence of these risks have become key activities for preparing a business for the future. Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

After the Forum, of course, we all took a few days to pause and restore our energy. Then it was on with the future! Our plans for 2014 aim at reinforcing the position of the profession. Our key activities are our seventh risk management benchmarking survey and the certification project.

Demonstrating what risk management does is not always straightforward; the principles remain the same, but job descriptions vary a lot across organisations. The survey, however, will gather data that all of us can use to explain the role of risk management in the success of business today. In the previous survey in 2012, one of the most important findings was that companies with mature risk management policies and processes produce better, more sustainable results. Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

As we gear up for the final preparations for the Forum which starts on 29 September, I realise that this has probably been FERMA’s most active year ever. In addition to the Forum we held a joint event with the European law association AIDA Europe in Paris in June to discuss very topical insurance law issues, such as trade embargoes. We worked with Harvard Business Review Analytics and insurer Zurich on three research projects covering cyber risks, environmental risk management and risk management leadership. Continue reading