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FERMA Seminar 2016 – A setting for communication, education and leadership

Risk managers often say they do not get enough opportunities to get together with their colleagues from across Europe and discuss the topics that really concern them. The programme for the FERMA Seminar 2016 is now available and shows that we have responded to this feedback. We have involved our member associations and their members in creating a setting for communication, education and leadership.

Curious to know ho will address your favorite topic? Discover our speakers and more programme information on our website:


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FERMA Seminar 2016 – a setting for communication, education and leadership

The Seminar is an event by risk managers for risk managers. Join us! For more programme information and registration: http://archives.ferma.eu/ferma-seminar-2016/


Risk managers often say they do not get enough opportunities to get together with their colleagues from across Europe and discuss the topics that really concern them. The programme for the FERMA Seminar 2016 is now available and shows that we have responded to this feedback.  We have involved our member associations and their members in creating a setting for communication, education and leadership. Here are the sessions they have organised.

Curious to know who will address your favourite topic? Discover our speakers here: http://archives.ferma.eu/ferma-seminar-2016/


Association workshops

Airmic: Risk leadership on the boardroom agenda – the risk manager’s professional contribution

This session will discuss the challenges for board in meeting their increased risk responsibilities and suggest ways in which risk managers can support them through helping them to embed risk management as part of the business model.

MARM: Insurance captives and cells in Malta

Host association MARM will offer risk managers practical insight from two perspectives as to how local companies have navigated through Solvency II and benefitted from it. The session will also look at the situation of protected cell captives under Solvency II.

BELRIM: cyber risks – seeing them happen

“There is no golden panacea in cyber crime and cyber security,” says expert Peter Hacker, a partner at Distinction Global, part of the Cybercrime Research Institute. Instead, Peter and colleague Professor Marco Gercke will simulate a cyber attack on a fictional company in this session organised by BELRIM.

The scenario will challenge participants – representing the executive board of the fictional company – to respond to a major incident and its consequences. The workshop, explains Peter, will use powerful, insightful information and artificial intelligence-based simulation tools so that participants feel at first hand the difficult questions they would face.

Not only is there a potential for massive contractual, reputational and financial damages, but a threat to the continuity of top management and even to the integrity of the business. Boards of corporations have been battered by demands for restructuring, unwanted M&A bids and shareholder lawsuits. Clearly, cyber risks are an enterprise exposure where the risk manager has an important role to play.


Member roundtables

Here is an opportunity for risk managers to talk with their colleagues about key issues in a setting of confidentiality.

Resilience and business continuity

This discussion will consider what resilience means, how to contribute to the organisation’s resilience, where business continuity comes into play and how to integrate it into governance arrangements.

Risk management and SMEs

After the successful session on SMEs at the Forum in Venice in 2015, we received requests for more on the same subject. It is an important topic not just for SMEs themselves but also for large companies with SME suppliers.

ERM and leadership

Leadership is one of FERMA President Jo Willaert’s themes and he will lead this discussion of topics such as: practical approaches for getting started with ERM, strengthening ERM for strategic advantages and using ERM to support leadership and recognition of the risk manager.

Digital risks

As our operations become more sophisticated in their use of technology, so too our vulnerabilities increase. This round table will discuss threats, roles, mitigation, preparedness, insurance and regulation of digital risks.

Financial transparency initiatives

This roundtable will discuss the impact on risk management of financial transparency initiatives such as the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) measures and EU Country-by-Country Reporting.


Be the first: take the Rimap® examination

Participants at the Seminar will have the opportunity to be the first to take the examination leading to FERMA’s rimap certification. More details to come…

Letter from Brussels: Business plan to follow our new strategic vision and mission statement

At our general assembly in June, we unveiled a new strategic vision and mission statement for FERMA. They provide the basis for the development of a business plan which will lay down the direction of FERMA over the next three years.

Typhaine Beaupérin

We are currently developing this business plan to move towards our vision of “a world where risk management is embedded in the business model and culture of organisations”.

In practical terms, this means that the business plan will set out how we can best represent the interests of our member associations and their members to European institutions. We will also strengthen and widen understanding of the value of risk management and the role of the risk manager.

We have, of course, been doing just this, but we want to connect our activities more closely with the needs of our members. From our Brussels base, we can both present their views to European institutions and communicate with them on European developments with important implications for risk management. This two-way communication is essential.

Another important aspect of the business plan is education. Bringing the certification project rimap® to implementation remains a top priority for FERMA. Having certified professional status will assist the risk manager in proving his or her value to the organisation.

FERMA has developed the necessary tools for rimap to take off. The associations now need to take ownership of this certification programme. This is why we will work on a new cooperation model and a new governance for rimap.

Education takes place through the sharing and exchange of information, expertise and ideas. FERMA, therefore, wants to act as a platform for cooperation among member associations and their collaboration with other stakeholders. We are reviewing the positioning of the FERMA Seminar with a stronger focus on the purpose of education with the aim of providing better insight into a limited number of subjects. The Forum, with which the Seminar alternates, is intended to be high level, on the cutting-edge of progress in risk management practices. Obviously, it is the only European event of this kind.

The business plan will be ready by the end of the year. By this time next year, you will see a FERMA with a business plan that supports the achievement of our strategic vision and mission making use of the key drivers.

Typhaine Beaupérin, CEO


For more information, see the new FERMA vision and mission here.

FERMA European Risk and Insurance Survey 2016 starts Friday in 21 European countries

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On Friday 8 April, the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) will launch its 2016 European Risk and Insurance Survey in cooperation with its member associations in 21 countries. The survey is the widest expression of the views of risk and insurance managers across Europe. It has taken place every other year since 2002 and is now in its eighth edition.

The online questionnaire is available in seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish Spanish and Turkish. As before, an independent research company will collect the responses and compile the findings. The results will be published as the FERMA European Risk and Insurance Report at the FERMA Seminar on 3-4 October in Malta. The report will then form the basis of further research by FERMA and its member associations, as well as providing benchmarks for individual risk managers to use in their own work.

FERMA Vice-President Cristina Martinez, who is the Survey project chairman said: “The survey is conducted by risk managers for risk managers. It is now in its eighth edition. This means we can see how we have developed as a profession since the first edition in 2002 and where we are today. There is no other source of information like this.”

The Survey questions have been compiled with support from the member associations and five commercial partners: AIG, Chubb, EY, Marsh and XL Catlin. There are three sections covering: the respondent’s organisation, the role of the risk manager and the risk management profession; European insights on risk management and risk financing, including insurance and captives.

Press contacts

Until 11 April

Laëtitia Fung, FERMA Project Officer
+32 2 761 94 35

After 11 April

Lee Coppack, FERMA media coordinator
+44 (0) 208 318 0330/+44 (0) 7843 089904

Nous pouvons vous répondre également en français. 


The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) brings together 23 national risk management associations in 21 European countries. FERMA has more than 4700 individual members representing a wide range of business sectors from major industrial and commercial companies to financial institutions and local government bodies. These members play a crucial role for their organisations with respect to the management and treatment of complex risks and insurance issues.

Member associations are from the following countries: Belgium (BELRIM), Bulgaria (BRIMA), Czech Republic (ASPAR CZ), Denmark (DARIM), Finland (FinnRiMa), France (AMRAE), Germany (DVS/BfV), Italy (ANRA), Luxembourg (ALRiM), Malta (MARM), Netherlands (NARIM), Norway (NORIMA), Poland (POLRISK), Portugal (APOGERIS), Russia (RusRisk), Slovenia (Sl.RISK), Spain (AGERS and IGREA), Sweden (SWERMA), Switzerland (SIRM), Turkey (ERMA) and United Kingdom (Airmic).

A prime opportunity to enhance professional skills


Dirk Wegener

Dirk Wegener

FERMA’s 2016 Risk Management Seminar will take place from 3 to 4 October in St Julian’s, Malta. The Seminar is a more intimate occasion than the Forum which takes places in alternate years. It aims at providing knowledge and understanding so risk managers can deepen their skills, discuss the latest trends and share experiences. According to FERMA board member Dirk Wegener, who is heading the Seminar committee: “Development of our professional skill sets is the focus of the Seminar programme.”

He explains, “Besides providing respected speakers, the Seminar will be an excellent opportunity to talk and to listen to the thoughts and ideas of your European peers. We plan to have risk managers only round table sessions to strengthen the communication on very specific topics among this group of professionals in an almost private setting. FERMA considers education to be key for the future of risk managers, and therefore the Seminar will also be linked to our rimap© certification initiative.”

The Seminar website is expected to launch in February (*) with registration beginning end of March. FERMA is currently asking its members for subjects for discussion at the Seminar, and three specific sessions have been set aside for topics proposed by the national associations. Individual risk managers should make their suggestions to their national association as soon as possible.

The Malta Risk and Insurance Management Association (MARM) is the host for the event and its President Ian-Edward Stafrace said: “Malta is a known EU insurance domicile, specialising in captives and protected cells, with all leading insurance management companies licensed and operating from the island. Many captives licensed in Malta are, in fact, planning their board meetings around the Seminar. Malta is also known for its funds sector, with many members from our association being risk specialists in market and credit risk. We are also leaders in e-gaming with risk management in areas such as fraud and cyber risk. MARM will also use the seminar to spread awareness and knowledge of risk management to the Maltese business community.”

FERMA Risk Management Seminar website available on www.ferma-seminar.eu


Interview with Jo Willaert

Interview with Jo Willaert, Deputy President of FERMA Continue reading