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Apply now for 2016-7 FERMA-Lloyd’s programme

Applications for the next FERMA-Lloyd’s education programme for promising risk
managers will close by mid-February – or earlier if it is over-subscribed. Interested risk managers should contact their national association as soon as possible.

Starting on 21 April at Lloyd’s in London, this will be the third edition of this enormously successful project, which is free to participants. The programme consists of three two-day sessions at Lloyd’s covering a wide range of insurance and risk subjects. Participants also get to shadow brokers and underwriters and meet the most senior people in the market.

Lloyd's class hands raised

The sessions will take place:

  • Part 1: 21-22 April 2016
  • Part 2: 27-28 October 2016
  • Part3: TBC, April 2017

Planned topics for the first session in 2016 are:

  • Lloyd’s overview and the London market
  • Understanding and accessing the Lloyd’s and London insurance market
  • Risk management and performance management at Lloyd’s
  • Emerging risks
  • Lloyd’s cyber risk insurance initiative

Hear more from previous participant Aysan Sinanlioglu, President of the Enterprise Risk Management Association of Turkey, (ERMA) and Executive Vice President of Risk Management at Dogus Holding, and Lloyd’s Head of Europe, UK and Ireland, Benno Reischell.

Professional development diary – the FERMA-Lloyd’s course

Per Kühn is risk and compliance manager for the Danish company B&K Vibro, which produces safety and condition monitoring systems for rotating machinery, and a member of DARIM. Here is his diary for the first session of the 2014-2015 FERMALloyd’s professional development programme which took place on 24 and 25 April at Lloyd’s. Continue reading

Professional Development Programme for Risk Managers, organised by FERMA and Lloyd’s

On the 24th of April the 2014-2015 Professional Development Programme for Risk Managers will begin in London. The event has been jointly organised by FERMA (Federation of European Risk Management Associations) and Lloyd’s, in conjunction with AGERS (Spanish Association of Insurance and Risk Management). Continue reading

FERMA-Lloyd’s new programme starts

The second edition of the FERMA-Lloyd’s programme will get underway on Thursday 24 April with two days of sessions on the operation of Lloyd’s and the London insurance market. The participants will get time in the underwriting room at Lloyd’s shadowing an underwriter and a broker, and they will have lunch on Friday 25 April with Lloyd’s new CEO, Inga Beale. Continue reading

Apply now for free professional development training

FERMA and Lloyd’s offer a free professional development programme for talented risk managers with three to five years experience. Continue reading

Another opportunity for Lloyd’s training

Lloyd’s and FERMA are offering a second training programme for European risk managers following its successful launch in 2011. Starting on 25 April 2014, the programme will cover: Continue reading

Shaping the future of the profession

FERMA actively supports projects to educate young professionals in risk and insurance management disciplines. Over the years we have launched various initiatives. For example, we welcome a large number of academics, universities and business schools during the FERMA Risk Management Forum to exchange views on the development of curriculums in Europe. Continue reading

FERMA/Lloyds’ professional development initiative

The third and final session of the FERMA-Lloyd’s training programme will take place on Thursday 18 April and Friday 19 April 2013 at Lloyd’s.

The first two sessions of the programme, which were held during 2012, have received enthusiastic responses from FERMA’s head of education Edouard Thys and the risk professionals who have taken part. Continue reading

FERMA-Lloyd’s training continues

The FERMA-Lloyd’s professional development programme continued at Lloyd’s in London on 11 – 12 October. Twenty young risk professionals from 11 countries took part with FERMA’s head of education Edouard Thys. Continue reading

FERMA-Lloyd’s training gets off to a flying start

In the frame of the joint professional development initiative with FERMA, Lloyd’s welcomed 19 young risk professionals and FERMA’s head of education Edouard Thys to its iconic headquarters in the city of London in April for the first session of the FERMA-Lloyd’s professional development initiative. The programme included talks from market leaders, lunch with Lloyd’s CEO Richard Ward and sessions shadowing brokers and underwriters. Continue reading