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Global Risks, Local Impacts and How We Manage

Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, ERMA of Turkey designed its annual conference around the risk discussion title “Global Risks, Local Impacts and How We Manage?”

The event, held at the Milli Reinsurance Company in Macka, Istanbul, brought together more than 140 CEOs, CFOs, CROs, board members, risk managers and academicians.
Our speakers included FERMA President Julia Graham; Dr. Wolfango Piccoli of Teneo Intelligence of London; Harold Dorbin of Marsh Global Project Risk Management Practice; and economist Prof. Dr. Burak Saltoglu of Bogazici University and founder of Riskturk. Continue reading

ERMA’s annuel event to come on 2 September (Turkey)

Enterprise Risk Management Association of Turkey (KRYD, www.kryd.org), has been established, in 2009, in order to support and develop the Risk Profession in Turkey especially for the real sector businesses. This young association is working for raising awareness for the profession, risk management disciplines and governance as well as for creating a network amongst the professionals for support, know-how transfer, etc. Continue reading