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Environmental Liability Directive trainings on 18/19 June 2015 in Brussels

ELD Training Details

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Thanks to the support of the European Commission, FERMA will organize on 18 and 19 June 2015 an ELD training in Brussels, provided by professional consultants (EFTEC and Stratus Consultants)

FERMA has now a long involvement working on the developments of the Environmental Liability Directive, attempting to convince the European legislator to not add up new financial and legal requirements to the European industries during the current review.

Since 2010, all EU countries have implemented the ELD into their national legislation. It means that your domestic environmental laws have been shaped by this European law as regards damages to biodiversity, water and soil and the ways to remediate them.

In case of environmental damage, it is therefore crucial for a risk manager to understand and be able to cooperate with local environmental protection authorities in judging if the ELD applies, in assessing and quantifying the damage and in planning a proportionate remediation.

Unfortunately, please note that for logistic reasons, seats are limited to 15 persons and will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis until Tuesday 16 June.

To receive the application form in word format please send an email to julien.bedhouche@ferma.eu or click here for the PDF version.

From the President

As we started 2015, our thoughts turned towards New Year resolutions.

One of my resolutions is to keep up to date with my reading – which will have the added value in the future years of contributing to my continuing professional development needs as a Certified Risk Manager. (Look out for an in-depth report about Certification in a coming FERMA Newsletter). Continue reading

Expert Views: Talvivaara Mining Company bankruptcy – financing the environmental risk

This case from Finland explains the issues under Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) legislation of financing remediation of the environmental damage caused by an industrial operator which has become bankrupt.

Talvivaara Mining Company
Talvivaara Mining Company was established in 2004 and started production in 2008. It operates an open pit nickel mine in Sotkamo in Eastern Finland with an annual production capacity of more than 10 million tonnes of ore. The metals are extracted by bioheap leaching, a method where natural bacteria living in the rock accelerate metal leaching by oxidation. Continue reading

Keynote speaker: Do not treat climate change as “Doomsday”

Seminar keynote speaker Danish climate scientist and TV weatherman Jesper Theilgaard told risk managers that they should not regard climate change as a disaster so terrible that nothing could be done to reduce or mitigate its impacts. “The biggest risk in dealing with climate change is to treat it as Doomsday and think there is nothing we can do about it. It is very important when we talk about climate change that it is not as a Doomsday scenario but as risks and opportunities,” he said.

Theilgaard gave the Seminar an overview of many inter-related ways that the emission of greenhouse gases is continuing to change the environment from more extremes of weather, higher sea levels, toxic air pollution and the migration of disease agents and crop pests. There are, he advised, certainly enormous risks but also great opportunities in developing long-term mitigation and local adaptations to these changes. Continue reading

Third Session of the Working Group of AGERS Spanish Risks Managers “Natural Disasters”

Madrid. November 27th, 2014 (AGERS).- The Risks Managers Group of AGERS, which was created in order to analyse the possible situations in which catastrophic claims occur, celebrated today its third session with Insurance Companies. Continue reading

Climate scientist tells risk managers – don’t treat climate change as “Doomsday”

Danish climate scientist and TV weatherman Jesper Theilgaard has told risk managers from some of Europe’s leading companies that they should not treat climate change as a “Doomsday” scenario. Instead, he said, they should look for the business opportunities in helping to mitigate the possible impacts and make local adaptions to the changing environment. Continue reading

Interview with Jesper Theilgaard

Interview with Jesper Theilgaard Continue reading

Managing climate change

Attention to supply chain risk management is critical for multinational corporations, as the Thai floods and Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011 demonstrated.

Climate change will bring about a transformation in business as companies seek to manage hazards we expect will intensify and become less predictable. Yet companies that take only a defensive position are likely to lose out to those that see opportunities to help reduce the adverse effects of climate change and allow us to adapt to a climate-changed world. Continue reading

AGERS XXV Spanish Risk Management and Insurance Congress

AGERS XXV Spanish Risk Management and Insurance Congress has been held in Madrid, commemorating the Association’s 30th anniversary. The event marked three decades of AGERS’ work in spreading the word on risk culture, devising risk mitigation systems and supporting the implementation of high quality risk management into businesses of all types. Continue reading

No risk manager can be unaware of the issues of climate change

“No risk manager can be unaware of the issues of climate change,” says Helle Friberg, a member of the board of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) and chairman of the programme committee for the 2014 FERMA Seminar. Continue reading