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FERMA to present on ELD at European Parliament

The President of FERMA Jo Willaert will on 11 April take part in a public hearing on the European Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) organised by the European Parliament.

This event follows the publication by the European Commission of a three-year programme to improve implementation of the ELD. The Multi-Annual Rolling Work Programme 2017-2020 is based on the evaluation of the ELD concluded in April 2016 in which FERMA participated.

FERMA shared the Commission’s published in the 2016 review that no revision of the ELD was necessary “We welcome this process, part of the EU Better Regulation approach, because it capitalises on the existing ELD text without introducing costly new requirements on industrial operators, including our members,” said to Jo.

He added: “FERMA will continue to argue that mandatory financial security would not serve the true purpose of the ELD, which is first and foremost to prevent environmental damage.”

The EP hearing on the ELD will start at 15.30 and will livestreamed at:

Link to Livestream

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Environmental Liability: no revised proposal by the EU expected in 2017

There is unlikely to be a revised proposal for the EU Environmental Liability Directive (ELD) in 2017, according to the European Commission document the REFIT Scoreboard 2016.

The REFIT Scoreboard notes that the Commission evaluation published in April 2016 (see Newsletter 71 – May 2016) confirmed the principle that precaution and prevention help to avoid remediation costs, which is in line with FERMA’s consistent views on this subject.

The Commission is now looking for an alignment of national solutions and practices within the framework of the current ELD. In February 2017, it will propose a multi-annual rolling work programme (MAWP) to Member States’ experts and stakeholders in order to improve the interpretation of key concepts and definitions of the Directive.

The MAWP is likely to focus on three areas: improving the evidence base for the evaluation of the ELD, supporting tools and measures for a more even and increasing implementation of the ELD and finally ensuring sufficient availability and demand for financial security to cover environmental liabilities.

About the last point, it is also interesting to note that through the IMPEL network, an association of environmental authorities in Europe, the Commission is still doing some work on the issue. An abstract for a funded project called “Financial Provision – Protecting the Environment and the Public Purse” was published on 19 October 2016.

The abstract contains a description of a two-year project aimed at producing guidelines on the principles of recommended financial provisions. It will include a workshop with regulators from across Europe to share experience, and the development of a practical guide in support of good regulatory process and decision-making in the field of financial provision.

FERMA will monitor the progress of this project and ensure that the conclusions and recommendations are in line with business practices.

FERMA will also provide opinion and advice to the Commission on the proposal to develop an ELD register to collect data on environmental incidents, whether it is established EU-wide or by each national authority.

Last but not least, the European Parliament, throught the Legal Affairs committee will propose an own-initiative report, with only a consultative value but a certain impact over future initiatives from the Commission. First discussions were held at the end of November. The report is likely to be adopted by next September.

Environmental Liability Directive trainings on 18/19 June 2015 in Brussels

ELD Training Details

Click above for ELD training details

Thanks to the support of the European Commission, FERMA will organize on 18 and 19 June 2015 an ELD training in Brussels, provided by professional consultants (EFTEC and Stratus Consultants)

FERMA has now a long involvement working on the developments of the Environmental Liability Directive, attempting to convince the European legislator to not add up new financial and legal requirements to the European industries during the current review.

Since 2010, all EU countries have implemented the ELD into their national legislation. It means that your domestic environmental laws have been shaped by this European law as regards damages to biodiversity, water and soil and the ways to remediate them.

In case of environmental damage, it is therefore crucial for a risk manager to understand and be able to cooperate with local environmental protection authorities in judging if the ELD applies, in assessing and quantifying the damage and in planning a proportionate remediation.

Unfortunately, please note that for logistic reasons, seats are limited to 15 persons and will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis until Tuesday 16 June.

To receive the application form in word format please send an email to julien.bedhouche@ferma.eu or click here for the PDF version.

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