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From the President

Diversity is one of the key issues for my term as FERMA President. The theme for International Women’s Day on the 8 March this year was “Make it happen” – which echos what we aim to achieve at FERMA in 2015.

Gender diversity for FERMA is about recognising and celebrating the differences between men and women, working out how businesses can be encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities these differences present and, for FERMA, doing what we can to reduce the gender gap. It is also about how women can be encouraged to hunt out opportunities and rise to the challenge. Gender diversity is not about ironing out the different characteristics and qualities of gender. Continue reading

Diversity in the Risk Professions: everyone’s career is different

Everyone’s career is different, says former FERMA and BELRIM President Marie-Gemma Dequae. Marie has combined a successful career as an academic, risk manager, wife and mother with four children, and now non-executive director. “You have to consider where you come from, where you are and where you want to be in 5 to 10 years’ time. Do not look only inside your existing work environment, but into the broader world. There are lots of opportunities out there!”

Here are her tips for women in the risk professions. For the full story of Marie’s career see http://bit.ly/diversity-belgium Continue reading

Diversity in the risk professions – the view from France

Visitors to the 23rd Rencontres of AMRAE in February could have left Cannes with the impression that women have a huge presence in France’s risk management and insurance sectors.

Women composed a large share of participants in the event’s sessions and workshops, as well as among the executives, advisers and sales personnel hosting the exhibitors’ stalls, set up by the insurance industry. Continue reading

Diversity in the risk professions – a view from France (full report)

Women often compose a large share of participants at risk management events – at sessions and workshops, as well as among the executives, advisers and sales personnel hosting the exhibitors’ stalls set up by the insurance industry.

It could give the impression gender diversity at least has been achieved in the risk industry. In several countries, including France, most of the people working in the sector are women. But if women are a majority among insurance workers, they still represent a minority among the industry’s leaders. Continue reading

Diversity in the Risk Professions – a view from Belgium

Marie-Gemma Dequae was President of BELRIM from 1994 to 2005 and President of FERMA from 2005 to 2009. She describes her career.

The first girl of six children in a Flemish family, Marie’s first dream was to become a diplomat, but her gifts were even more mathematical and so her studies turned in a quantitative direction. She went to KUL (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) to study economics. “In my time girls were allowed to study, but were not expected to work afterwards and had to become family managers! My father allowed me only one year of study if I did not succeed. It just made me study harder and I got a higher degree which meant I could continue my studies.” Continue reading

Board approves strategic actions setting directions in 2015

The FERMA Board has approved 14 strategic actions for 2015 and ensured that they are aligned with FERMA’s strategic objectives: to be a significant stakeholder at EU level, to coordinate and support the development of risk management, and to be sustainable. Continue reading

Women in Risk: plugging the gender gap

In the first of a series of Women in Risk articles, FERMA president Julia Graham is on a drive to improve gender diversity in the risk and insurance profession. Here, she explains how and why Continue reading

Investing in our profession – leadership and diversity in Europe

At the FERMA Forum in 2013 when I had the honour to accept the position of President of FERMA, I gave a commitment to invest some of my time and energy into developing and driving forward a FERMA “diversity agenda” and as part of this, gender diversity.

The FERMA board has now agreed a project with the objective to build and promote a FERMA diversity strategy, that is rich in value, but light on administration. Although we are focussing initially on gender, a number of the components of the project can equally apply to diversity more generally. Continue reading

BELRIM Newsletter February 2014

Table of content

People on Board: our President
Cloud Computing: Revolution or Nightmare
Ladies Mind Risk
Crisis Management
Closed Exchange – Enterprise Risk Management
New Effective Member
New Affiliated Member
Belgian Cyber Risks Security Guide
Risk Manager Framework
COSO Internal Control Continue reading

Strength from diversity

FERMA is currently assessing how to assess and promote improvements in diversity across the profession led by President Julia Graham. She says, “As with any role, appointments should be based on merit, objective criteria and with regard to the benefits of diversity, including gender. Evidence shows that decisions are inevitably better made when the full range of gender, race and experiences is involved.” Continue reading