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EU antitrust rules : a right to a compensation for citizens

Until now and for a majority of EU countries, cartel issues have been dealt with only through a public enforcement of European antitrust law by national competition authorities.

The new Directive on antitrust damages actions, which will be signed by the end of November 2014, acknowledges a right to compensation for anyone who has suffered harm caused by a cartel.
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Commission strikes a pragmatic approach to collective redress

In January, FERMA attended a conference on collective redress in Zurich. That was the occasion for the industry to think collectively about the unintended consequences of a new mass restitution scheme being put forward by the European Commission. In June, the Commission released its awaited communication on the subject, which actually took the form of a recommendation. Continue reading

Collective redress: out of court settlement must be the rule

The possibility of an EU-wide mass claims system has been on the European Commission radar for years and is once again bouncing back with a forthcoming communication from the Commission expected to be published by June this year. It will probably state the obvious and not take any decisive step towards one particular mass restitution scheme. Continue reading

FERMA’s response to the consultation document “Towards a Coherent European Approach to Collective Redress”

FERMA response to the consultation document Towards a Coherent European Approach to Collective Redress. Continue reading