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Knowledge Corner

Here is FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers…

Business Interruption

Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty
Global Claims Review 2015

Global Risks
Control Risks Risk Map 2016 (English)

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental liability and enterprise insurance
FFSA (French)


Global Fraud Report
Kroll (English) available on registration

Natural Catastrophes 2015

Manuel of the AGERS working group on natural catastrophes
AGERS (Spanish)


Munich Re (English, German)

Swiss Re (English, German)

DVS (German)
NARIM (Dutch)

Bilateral Forum ANRA – SI.RISK

Two national Risk Management Associations, Italian ANRA and Slovenian SI.RISK, held their second joint yearly forum on March 25th, 2014 at Triglav Insurance Company in Ljubljana which also supported the event. Around thirty members of both associations and other invited participants attended the forum to discuss Business Interruption Insurance and Business Continuity Planning issues. Continue reading

Knowledge Corner

Starting from this edition, the FERMA newsletter will feature reports and good practice guides on risk management topics from FERMA members and selected other experts that can be useful for members. Suggestions for future editions are welcome. Please email href=”mailto:christel.jaumoulle@ferma.eu”>christel.jaumoulle@ferma.eu Continue reading

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions wins FERMA award

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions received FERMA’s first ever product innovation award, launched at the 2011 Risk Management Forum, for its non-damage business interruption cover that allows the aviation industry to mitigate risks associated with unexpected natural events, such as volcanic ash cloud. Continue reading

Business Interruption – Hard to understand but a must to survive

This presentation is aimed at Risk Managers within larger companies with knowledge of Business Interruption related risks. It will pinpoint aspects of choosing the best indemnity period to get the right risk exposure covered and also saving premium. Apart from above this workshop is important as it also will focus on getting the right solutions for dependencies like suppliers and customer´s extension. Claims examples will show the importance of having the right solution and knowing your own exposure. The participants will learn a lot of this, at the first glimpse, “simple” type of insurance coverage, but so hard to estimate and calculate and really a must to know in order to survive. Continue reading