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4th webinar: EU/US boards’ approach to cyber risk governance: towards a common view?

Time: Friday 14 October 2016 at 15.00 CET, 14.00 GMT


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With the exclusive presence of the Honorable John Carlin, US Assistant Attorney General for National Security.

A unique chance to get insights on the way the US federal government is supporting businesses to mitigate cyber risk.

Philippe Cotelle (Head of Insurance and Risk Management of Airbus Defence & Space, member of AMRAE) will complement the discussion with the Risk Manager’s’ perspective and the necessity to provide organisations with decision-support tools for mitigation and recommendations for risk transfer.

Other speakers include Mark Hughes (CEO BT Security), Mark Camillo (Head of Professional Indemnity & Cyber, AIG) and Roger Barker (IoD/ecoDa) to moderate the debate.

Presentations are available here below:

FERMA elects new board members: fresh ideas and fresh perspectives says President Jo Willaert

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) today elected three new board members. One member was re-elected following expiry of his previous three-year mandate.

The new board members are:

Charlotte Hedemark - GA2016 (2)



Charlotte Hedemark Nielsen, Senior Risk Specialist, SAP (DARIM)










Ralph Mulder - GA2016




Ralph Mulder, Insurance and Subsidy Manager, UNIPER Benelux (NARIM)









Helen Pope - GA2016



Helen Pope, Head of Insurable Risk, Tesco (Airmic)










Anders Esbjornsson - GA2016 (2)



Re-elected: Anders Esbjörnsson, Group Risk Manager, NCC (SWERMA)









Following the voting, FERMA President Jo Willaert paid tribute to the retiring board members and welcome the new members to the board. He said: “I am delighted to welcome our new board members. They bring us fresh ideas and new perspectives to help us implement our new strategy and mission.”

The full board of FERMA is now:

President: Jo Willaert (BELRIM); Vice Presidents: Cristina Martinez (IGREA); Isabel Martinez (AGERS) and Dirk Wegener (BfV/DVS); Secretary General: Gilbert Canameras (AMRAE); Treasurer: Anders Esbjörnsson (SWERMA);

Board members: Michel Dennery (AMRAE); Helle Friberg (DARIM); Carl Leeman (BELRIM); Charlotte Hedemark (DARIM); Ralph Mulder (NARIM); Helen Pope (Airmic).

More information on FERMA network: http://archives.ferma.eu/app/uploads/2016/06/FERMA-Network-Booklet-June-2016.pdf

Typhaine Beaupérin, FERMA CEO: typhaine.beauperin@ferma.eu, tel: +32 (2) 761 94 31

Lee Coppack, press contact: lee@coppack.co.uk, tel: +44 208 318 0330/ +44 7843 089904

Interview with Anna Korbut on Risk Committee

Interview with Anna Korbut, FERMA Board member and executive risk manager for NefteTransService, a railway cargo operator in Russia. Continue reading