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Successful conclusion to the FERMA/Lloyd’s training programme – more to come

Twenty FERMA members from12 European countries have now completed the FERMA/Lloyd’s professional development programme for risk managers. They received course certificates from Lloyd’s CEO Richard Ward at the final session, which took place between the 18 and 19 April. Continue reading

FERMA-Lloyd’s training gets off to a flying start

In the frame of the joint professional development initiative with FERMA, Lloyd’s welcomed 19 young risk professionals and FERMA’s head of education Edouard Thys to its iconic headquarters in the city of London in April for the first session of the FERMA-Lloyd’s professional development initiative. The programme included talks from market leaders, lunch with Lloyd’s CEO Richard Ward and sessions shadowing brokers and underwriters. Continue reading

Deepen your insurance knowledge

The deadline is fast approaching for applications for the FERMA-Lloyd’s Professional Development Initiative. It’s a training course that will deepen the understanding of Lloyd’s and its interaction with other European markets, and it will be free for up to 15 FERMA members. Lloyd’s is not an insurance company but a more complex structure of syndicates, mainly but not exclusively capitalised by insurers and reinsurers, within an overall market framework. Knowledge of how the market works and how to access its capacity will be valuable for risk managers with multinational and specialist businesses. Multinational companies have complex insurance arrangements and need to combine capacity from different markets, as well as their own captives, to optimise their insurance and risk management solutions. The programme is open to people of any age so long as they have at least three to five years experience and are working as risk managers or in the risk or insurance management functions of a national association member. They will need to have good spoken and written English. Continue reading