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Knowledge Corner

FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers.

Airmic Guide to Members (English)
What comes next for insurers (English)

DLA Piper
Implications following the vote to leave (English)


Duty of Care
Reworking the duty of care – pan-European research (English)
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UK Insurance Act BELRIM (English)

Risk maturity
Risk Maturity Models
Book by Domenic Antonucci (English),
Kogan Page
£49.99 less 20% discount for FERMA members
https://www.koganpage.com/product/risk-maturity-models-9780749477585 and use discount code FERMA20 at checkout.

Global Risk Dialogue (English, French, German)
AGCS Allianz

New Emerging Risk Insights
Swiss Re Sonar (English)

 Natural resources risk index 2016
WillisTowersWatson (English)

Airmic news
https://www.airmic.com/news (English)

Observatorio (Spanish)

Risk management news (Italian)

Die Versicherungspraxis (German)
Title theme: D&O

FERMA announces first accreditations for its certification programme, rimap®

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has announced the first six education bodies to receive accreditation for its professional certification rimap®. Accredited education programmes in risk management, certification examination and continuing professional development are the corner stones of this new rimap® professional recognition programme for risk managers in Europe developed by FERMA.


FERMA President Jo Willaert commented: “Education is one of the three priorities of my term as president. Having rimap® accredited education programmes is a building block in our long term initiative to place risk management firmly among the professions. I am delighted with the support we have received from the member associations who have worked closely with FERMA and the education bodies to achieve this first set of accreditations. Others will follow.”

The Chairman of the rimap® steering committee, FERMA board member Michel Dennery, added: “We believe we are at the beginning of a European network in risk management education. Beyond the need for increasing the skills and competences of risk managers, the FERMA rimap® initiative is now supported by the world of education.”

The six risk management programmes “rimap® accredited” are:

  • Belgium : ICHEC Formation Continue – Diplôme en Risk Management, supported by BELRIM

ICHEC_FC_4CBELRIM – Belgian Risk Management Association





  • Finland : University of Tampere – “Master’s Degree Programme in Business Studies – Specialization in Insurance and Risk Management”, supported by FINNRIMA






  • Italy : ANRA – ALP (ANRA Learning Path), developed by ANRA








  • Malta : University of Malta – “Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Insurance and Risk Management (B.Com. (Hons)”, supported by MARM




  • Poland : POLRISK – “Certyfikowany Zawodowy Menedżer Ryzyka – Certified Professional Risk Manager”, developed by POLRISK








  • Sweden : Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education – “Risk Management Diploma”, supported by SWERMA

SSE Executive EducationSwerma_text_rgb









Education Body: a provider of a risk management education programme. This is not limited to universities, business schools or higher schools. Any Education Body who offers specific risk management education can apply for a rimap© accreditation if it meets the requirements set by FERMA based on the “rimap© Body of Knowledge”.

Accreditation: process used to acknowledge that an education provider’s programme meets the risk management education requirements set by FERMA based on the “rimap© Body of Knowledge”. Who can apply for Accreditation: universities, higher schools and those who offer specific risk management education.

ANRA: Alessandro De Felice Appointed New President

Milan, April 16th, 2015 – Alessandro De Felice is the new President of ANRA, the association that since 1972 has been the reference point in Italy for spreading the culture of risk management and of corporate insurance. ANRA consists of Risk Officers, Risk Managers and Insurance Managers who operate in this field on a daily basis. Overall, the public and private companies to which the members belong feature a turnover of more than 600 billion euros (about 39% of the GNP). The new Board, which will remain in office for the next three years, is composed of the following members: Paolo Rubini (Telecom), Alessandro De Felice (Prysmian S.p.A e Presidente), Roberto Bosco (Fininvest Servizi e Gruppo Fininvest), Carlo Cosmi (Saipem), Claudia Costa (De Longhi), Enrico D’Alessandro (Terna S.p.A), Paolo Lionetti (Autostrade per l’Italia), Barbara Monda (RiskGovernance Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale Politecnico di Milano), Fabrizio Sechi (Fastweb), Michele Strani (Angelini), Marco Terzago (SKF Industrie). Continue reading

Knowledge Corner

FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers. Continue reading

Paolo Rubini insights of the ANRA Annual Conference

On September 25th and 26th the 15th edition of the Annual ANRA Convention took place in Milan. An event which over the years has established itself as the most important opportunity to discuss and reflect on risk management issues in our country. Our latest edition was attended by over 400 guests, including over 100 Risk Managers and Insurance Managers, 161 insurers and reinsurers, 64 brokers, 46 company enterprise experts, 14 institutions, universities, associations, to which more than 60 staff members must be added. An unprecedented success in the history of ANRA, which puts us on a par with the most successful events in Europe, such as the one sponsored by FERMA, the European Federation of Risk Management Associations, and with major associations such as the AIRMIC in the UK, the AMRAE in France, DVS Germany. Continue reading

Enterprise Risk Management & Governance: What’s the added value?

The National Risk Manager Association, during its Annual Conference (#ANRA2014), analyzes the profession of risk managers in terms of good governance.

The “Observatory on the Corporate Risk Manager’s role in Italy”, promoted by ANRA and RiskGovernance – Politecnico di Milano, shows the identikit of the risk manager in Italian companies. He is a man in 87% out of 283 companies analyzed, with an average age of 50 years old and with a university education in Economics (24%) or engineering (16%). 40% of respondents are Chief Risk Officers and in 76% of cases they were recruited internally. Which are the most significant risks for the next 5 years? Those linked to internal processes (14%), credit risk (11%) and concentration (10%)”. Continue reading

Italian SMEs between Crisis and Risk Management

According to the latest survey by the Observatory Permanent on Risk Management in Italian SMEs by RiskGovernance-Politecnico di Milano, the situation is ambiguous: there has been a certain increase in the interest and knowledge concerning risk management issues, but application is still blocked by structural and cost-related constraints and is thus limited to financial aspects. This approach is accounted for by the economic crisis, which has turned out to be counter-productive for recovery and even for the survival of companies. Continue reading

Bilateral Forum ANRA – SI.RISK

Two national Risk Management Associations, Italian ANRA and Slovenian SI.RISK, held their second joint yearly forum on March 25th, 2014 at Triglav Insurance Company in Ljubljana which also supported the event. Around thirty members of both associations and other invited participants attended the forum to discuss Business Interruption Insurance and Business Continuity Planning issues. Continue reading

Around the associations

Latest news from FERMA’s member associations in Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Continue reading

Around the associations

Latest news from FERMA’s member associations in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Continue reading