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Interview with Anna Korbut on Risk Committee

Interview with Anna Korbut, FERMA Board member and executive risk manager for NefteTransService, a railway cargo operator in Russia. Continue reading

FERMA general assembly elects four board members

The general assembly of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has elected four directors to join the board for 2014-2017 and one new substitute.

Anna Korbut from the Russian risk management association RusRisk has joined the board for the first time. Three serving board members have been re-elected following the end of their previous terms. They are Helle Friberg from the Danish association DARIM; Carl Leeman of the Belgian association BELRIM and Cristina Martinez from the Spanish association IGREA. The board substitute is the president of Poland’s POLRISK, Slawomir Pijanowski. Continue reading