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FERMA Seminar 2016 – a setting for communication, education and leadership

The Seminar is an event by risk managers for risk managers. Join us! For more programme information and registration: http://archives.ferma.eu/ferma-seminar-2016/


Risk managers often say they do not get enough opportunities to get together with their colleagues from across Europe and discuss the topics that really concern them. The programme for the FERMA Seminar 2016 is now available and shows that we have responded to this feedback.  We have involved our member associations and their members in creating a setting for communication, education and leadership. Here are the sessions they have organised.

Curious to know who will address your favourite topic? Discover our speakers here: http://archives.ferma.eu/ferma-seminar-2016/


Association workshops

Airmic: Risk leadership on the boardroom agenda – the risk manager’s professional contribution

This session will discuss the challenges for board in meeting their increased risk responsibilities and suggest ways in which risk managers can support them through helping them to embed risk management as part of the business model.

MARM: Insurance captives and cells in Malta

Host association MARM will offer risk managers practical insight from two perspectives as to how local companies have navigated through Solvency II and benefitted from it. The session will also look at the situation of protected cell captives under Solvency II.

BELRIM: cyber risks – seeing them happen

“There is no golden panacea in cyber crime and cyber security,” says expert Peter Hacker, a partner at Distinction Global, part of the Cybercrime Research Institute. Instead, Peter and colleague Professor Marco Gercke will simulate a cyber attack on a fictional company in this session organised by BELRIM.

The scenario will challenge participants – representing the executive board of the fictional company – to respond to a major incident and its consequences. The workshop, explains Peter, will use powerful, insightful information and artificial intelligence-based simulation tools so that participants feel at first hand the difficult questions they would face.

Not only is there a potential for massive contractual, reputational and financial damages, but a threat to the continuity of top management and even to the integrity of the business. Boards of corporations have been battered by demands for restructuring, unwanted M&A bids and shareholder lawsuits. Clearly, cyber risks are an enterprise exposure where the risk manager has an important role to play.


Member roundtables

Here is an opportunity for risk managers to talk with their colleagues about key issues in a setting of confidentiality.

Resilience and business continuity

This discussion will consider what resilience means, how to contribute to the organisation’s resilience, where business continuity comes into play and how to integrate it into governance arrangements.

Risk management and SMEs

After the successful session on SMEs at the Forum in Venice in 2015, we received requests for more on the same subject. It is an important topic not just for SMEs themselves but also for large companies with SME suppliers.

ERM and leadership

Leadership is one of FERMA President Jo Willaert’s themes and he will lead this discussion of topics such as: practical approaches for getting started with ERM, strengthening ERM for strategic advantages and using ERM to support leadership and recognition of the risk manager.

Digital risks

As our operations become more sophisticated in their use of technology, so too our vulnerabilities increase. This round table will discuss threats, roles, mitigation, preparedness, insurance and regulation of digital risks.

Financial transparency initiatives

This roundtable will discuss the impact on risk management of financial transparency initiatives such as the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) measures and EU Country-by-Country Reporting.


Be the first: take the Rimap® examination

Participants at the Seminar will have the opportunity to be the first to take the examination leading to FERMA’s rimap certification. More details to come…

Knowledge Corner

FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers.

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Risk maturity
Risk Maturity Models
Book by Domenic Antonucci (English),
Kogan Page
£49.99 less 20% discount for FERMA members
https://www.koganpage.com/product/risk-maturity-models-9780749477585 and use discount code FERMA20 at checkout.

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Airmic news
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Title theme: D&O

Brexit – continuing uncertainty


Image Source: The Castle Report

FERMA is closely monitoring developments at European level following the vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union so that we can keep our members informed.

FERMA President Jo Willaert said: “This is a major political event with considerable consequences for the UK and for the EU. UK’s decision opens up a period of uncertainty, which will impact companies until the negotiations of the exit terms are set. Risk managers have an important role to play to help companies navigate in this new environment and with their risk management expertise, support the implementation of appropriate measures until a new relationship between the UK and the EU is established.”

Airmic has published a guide to Brexit for members, which is available for free: https://www.airmic.com/news/brexit-%E2%80%93-airmic-issues-guidance-members

For additional comment on Brexit, see the Knowledge Corner.

Knowledge Corner

Here is FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers…

Business Interruption

Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty
Global Claims Review 2015

Global Risks
Control Risks Risk Map 2016 (English)

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental liability and enterprise insurance
FFSA (French)


Global Fraud Report
Kroll (English) available on registration

Natural Catastrophes 2015

Manuel of the AGERS working group on natural catastrophes
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Letter from Brussels

The last month was a difficult time for FERMA. We have all been very affected by the sudden loss of our Secretary General Edwin V Meyer. All the board and the risk community shared their sympathy in these sad moments. Edwin initiated and was leading major projects such as international programmes and the technical content of the FERMA Forum 2015, in addition to his prominent new role as secretary general. FERMA has moved forward with the reassignment of his major tasks. At the same time, in many meetings his presence and spirit still drive our actions and remind us of the direction we should take. Continue reading

New appointment for FERMA President Julia Graham

FERMA President Julia Graham is taking up a new risk management role. From 1 May she will become Technical Director of its UK member association Airmic. Until 31 October, she will be making a transition to this new job from her demanding role as Director of Risk Management and Insurance for her current employer DLA Piper, including retaining her nonexecutive directorships on Guernsey-based captives, including DLA Piper’s.

Julia will continue as President of FERMA until the conclusion of her term on 7 October at the FERMA Forum and then as a FERMA board member until the next general assembly of FERMA in June 2016.

She explains, “I am very pleased that the FERMA constitution allows me to continue as president until the end of my term and then to support my successor Jo Willaert as a board member. I will continue in my FERMA roles with the same enthusiasm and commitment and will remain active on FERMA’s strategic projects including Certification.”

FERMA Executive Director Florence Bindelle congratulated Julia on behalf of the board and executive committee. “We are delighted that we will have Julia’s invaluable contribution to FERMA until the general assembly. She will, of course, be continuing with her passion to support risk management and the risk management profession in her new role, and we hope still to have the benefit of her wisdom.”

Julia has a strong technical background in insurance and risk management. Her currently activities include acting as the UK expert of the Technical Committee for ISO 31000 and as a member of the relevant Working Group, where she also serves as a liaison representative for FERMA.

Knowledge Corner

FERMA’s selection of recently published useful reports for risk managers. Continue reading

New appointment for FERMA President Julia Graham

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) congratulates its President Julia Graham on her appointment as Technical Director of its UK member association Airmic. She will continue as President of FERMA until the conclusion of her term on 7 October at the FERMA Forum and then as a FERMA board member until the next general assembly of FERMA in June 2016. Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

In June we held our general assembly, approved the risk management certification project and elected four board directors. Since then, we have not been relaxing! You might be surprised at the number of projects that FERMA does with a small team.

Led by our President Julia Graham, Vice President Michel Dennery, General Secretary Pierre Sonigo, scientific adviser Marie-Gemma Dequae and I visited London for a meeting with the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and our British member Airmic. We discussed several subjects of mutual interest on education issues with IRM. Continue reading

Help with global programmes

Airmic and AGERS have taken the initiative on global programmes. At its annual conference in June, Airmic unveiled Insight Risk Manager, the first compliance database designed specifically for risk managers. Created in partnership with Axco, the supplier of global insurance market information with the support of leading brokers, Insight Risk Manager currently covers regulations in 30 countries representing 93 per cent of the world’s property-casualty insurance premiums. Continue reading