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Report available: Corporate Transparency – Working Breakfast at the European Parliament on 28 June

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Successful response to the European Commission’s proposal on country-by-country reporting requires a strong partnership between audit and risk management

Jonathan Blackhurst, Head of Risk Management at Capita (UK)

Jonathan Blackhurst, Head of Risk Management at Capita (UK)

Internal auditors and risk managers have a key role to play in ensuring that future financial transparency standards are well understood, embedded into the strategy of large corporations and become a source of competitive advantage, the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) and Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) stated after a breakfast meeting today at the European Parliament.

MEP Jeppe Kofod hosted the meeting on the proposal published on 12 April 2016 by the European Commission to extend country-by-country financial reporting to most multinational groups operating in the EU.

On behalf of FERMA, Jonathan Blackhurst, Head of Risk Management at Capita (UK) said:
“Country-by-country reporting will result in the publication of a large amount of highly technical information. While this is the responsibility of CFOs, risk managers have a strategic advisory role to play in ensuring that the figures are put into the context so they show where economic value is created along the whole company’s external and internal supply-chain.”

Silvio de Girolamo, Chief Audit Executive at Autogrill (Italy)

Silvio de Girolamo, Chief Audit Executive at Autogrill (Italy)

On behalf of ECIIA, Silvio de Girolamo, Chief Audit Executive at Autogrill (Italy), said:
“Internal audit can contribute to the quality of transparency by giving assurance on corporate culture, on the risks and on company processes that generate figures and information for country-by-country reporting. This is useful not only for compliance matters but also to promote confidence between corporations and all stakeholders.”

FERMA and ECIIA believe that a strong three-way partnership between the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Audit Executive and Chief Risk Officer is essential to support good governance, sustainable growth, sound investments and job creation:

“Increased corporate transparency is pushing large corporations to adapt their internal organisation to new models, with both risk management and internal audit professions at the forefront of this evolution,” according to Typhaine Beaupérin, FERMA CEO.

“Because these new requirements mean a new collective responsibility for ensuring compliance with the reporting obligations, the board and senior management will need to rely on professionals to adjust and possibly turn corporate transparency into a competitive advantage globally.”, stressed Pascale Vandenbussche, ECIIA Secretary General.



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FERMA announces first accreditations for its certification programme, rimap®

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has announced the first six education bodies to receive accreditation for its professional certification rimap®. Accredited education programmes in risk management, certification examination and continuing professional development are the corner stones of this new rimap® professional recognition programme for risk managers in Europe developed by FERMA.


FERMA President Jo Willaert commented: “Education is one of the three priorities of my term as president. Having rimap® accredited education programmes is a building block in our long term initiative to place risk management firmly among the professions. I am delighted with the support we have received from the member associations who have worked closely with FERMA and the education bodies to achieve this first set of accreditations. Others will follow.”

The Chairman of the rimap® steering committee, FERMA board member Michel Dennery, added: “We believe we are at the beginning of a European network in risk management education. Beyond the need for increasing the skills and competences of risk managers, the FERMA rimap® initiative is now supported by the world of education.”

The six risk management programmes “rimap® accredited” are:

  • Belgium : ICHEC Formation Continue – Diplôme en Risk Management, supported by BELRIM

ICHEC_FC_4CBELRIM – Belgian Risk Management Association





  • Finland : University of Tampere – “Master’s Degree Programme in Business Studies – Specialization in Insurance and Risk Management”, supported by FINNRIMA






  • Italy : ANRA – ALP (ANRA Learning Path), developed by ANRA








  • Malta : University of Malta – “Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Insurance and Risk Management (B.Com. (Hons)”, supported by MARM




  • Poland : POLRISK – “Certyfikowany Zawodowy Menedżer Ryzyka – Certified Professional Risk Manager”, developed by POLRISK








  • Sweden : Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education – “Risk Management Diploma”, supported by SWERMA

SSE Executive EducationSwerma_text_rgb









Education Body: a provider of a risk management education programme. This is not limited to universities, business schools or higher schools. Any Education Body who offers specific risk management education can apply for a rimap© accreditation if it meets the requirements set by FERMA based on the “rimap© Body of Knowledge”.

Accreditation: process used to acknowledge that an education provider’s programme meets the risk management education requirements set by FERMA based on the “rimap© Body of Knowledge”. Who can apply for Accreditation: universities, higher schools and those who offer specific risk management education.

FERMA reaction to Britain’s EU referendum outcome

Jo Willaert, President of FERMA

Jo Willaert, President of FERMA




“This is a major political event with considerable consequences for the UK and for the EU. UK’s decision opens up a period of uncertainty, which will impact companies until the negotiations of the exit terms are set. Risk managers have an important role to play to help companies navigate in this new environment and with their risk management expertise, support the implementation of appropriate measures until a new relationship between the UK and the EU is established. FERMA will monitor the developments closely and keep its members informed. “








FERMA elects new board members: fresh ideas and fresh perspectives says President Jo Willaert

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) today elected three new board members. One member was re-elected following expiry of his previous three-year mandate.

The new board members are:

Charlotte Hedemark - GA2016 (2)



Charlotte Hedemark Nielsen, Senior Risk Specialist, SAP (DARIM)










Ralph Mulder - GA2016




Ralph Mulder, Insurance and Subsidy Manager, UNIPER Benelux (NARIM)









Helen Pope - GA2016



Helen Pope, Head of Insurable Risk, Tesco (Airmic)










Anders Esbjornsson - GA2016 (2)



Re-elected: Anders Esbjörnsson, Group Risk Manager, NCC (SWERMA)









Following the voting, FERMA President Jo Willaert paid tribute to the retiring board members and welcome the new members to the board. He said: “I am delighted to welcome our new board members. They bring us fresh ideas and new perspectives to help us implement our new strategy and mission.”

The full board of FERMA is now:

President: Jo Willaert (BELRIM); Vice Presidents: Cristina Martinez (IGREA); Isabel Martinez (AGERS) and Dirk Wegener (BfV/DVS); Secretary General: Gilbert Canameras (AMRAE); Treasurer: Anders Esbjörnsson (SWERMA);

Board members: Michel Dennery (AMRAE); Helle Friberg (DARIM); Carl Leeman (BELRIM); Charlotte Hedemark (DARIM); Ralph Mulder (NARIM); Helen Pope (Airmic).

More information on FERMA network:

Typhaine Beaupérin, FERMA CEO:, tel: +32 (2) 761 94 31

Lee Coppack, press contact:, tel: +44 208 318 0330/ +44 7843 089904

FERMA launches new strategic vision and mission statement

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) today unveiled a new strategic vision and mission statement on the occasion of its annual general assembly in Brussels. This new vision and mission statement are the result of a six month-long consultation process with FERMA member associations.

Jo Willaert, President of FERMA

Jo Willaert, President of FERMA

FERMA’s vision is of “a world where risk management is embedded in the business model and culture of organisations”. It is embodied in the new mission statement that aligns FERMA’s work with its goals of increasing leadership in risk management and enhancing risk managers’ strategic influence. To do this, FERMA will:

  • Represent and defend the interests of its member associations and their members to European institutions.
  • Create, collect and share knowledge, practices and innovative approaches amongst its member associations and their members.
  • Improve the recognition of and raise the profile of the profession.
  • Demonstrate the value that professional risk managers bring to organisations.
  • Take the lead with stakeholders who have an interest in risk management.
  • Represent European interests with risk management associations globally.

The President of FERMA, Jo Willaert, told the general assembly: “This new vision and mission statement provide a strong basis for the development of a business plan laying down the direction for FERMA over the next three years around three key drivers: leadership, communication and education.”

To support the launch of this strategic vision, FERMA has today published the first guide about its network of member national associations. This booklet highlights the distinctive role of the network and strengthens the image of FERMA and the associations.

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Note to journalists: You are invited to attend the FERMA Seminar on 3-4 October in Malta. See for more information.

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