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ANRA: Alessandro De Felice Appointed New President

Milan, April 16th, 2015 – Alessandro De Felice is the new President of ANRA, the association that since 1972 has been the reference point in Italy for spreading the culture of risk management and of corporate insurance. ANRA consists of Risk Officers, Risk Managers and Insurance Managers who operate in this field on a daily basis. Overall, the public and private companies to which the members belong feature a turnover of more than 600 billion euros (about 39% of the GNP). The new Board, which will remain in office for the next three years, is composed of the following members: Paolo Rubini (Telecom), Alessandro De Felice (Prysmian S.p.A e Presidente), Roberto Bosco (Fininvest Servizi e Gruppo Fininvest), Carlo Cosmi (Saipem), Claudia Costa (De Longhi), Enrico D’Alessandro (Terna S.p.A), Paolo Lionetti (Autostrade per l’Italia), Barbara Monda (RiskGovernance Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale Politecnico di Milano), Fabrizio Sechi (Fastweb), Michele Strani (Angelini), Marco Terzago (SKF Industrie). Continue reading

Interview with Mario Ramirez Ortuzar

Interview with Mario Ramirez Ortuzar, Forum Programme Committee member and Vice President of AGERS

  • What do you see as key topic for European risk managers in 2015?
  • What sort of experience do you want the Forum to be for risk managers?
  • How can risk managers use the Forum to enhance their value to their companies?

Interview with Sabrina Hartusch

Interview with Sabrina Hartusch, Forum Programme Committee member and President of SIRM

  • Why do you think increasing diversity in the risk management profession is important?
  • How does being involved in a European or international risk management organisation help you in your work?
  • How can young risk professionals take advantage of the Forum to help build their careers?

Interview with Alessandro De Felice

Interview with Alessandro De Felice, Vice President of FERMA

  • How is ANRA preparing for hosting the Forum in Venice?
  • What are the three key objectives for the Forum in Venice?
  • How will ANRA use the Forum to raise the profile of risk management in Italy?

Interview of Julia Graham

Julia Graham shares her thoughts on the future programme of the 2015 Forum Continue reading

FERMA Forum – Video Teaser

Get a glimpse of what to expect at FERMA Forum 2015 in Venice Continue reading