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Climate scientist tells risk managers – don’t treat climate change as “Doomsday”

Danish climate scientist and TV weatherman Jesper Theilgaard has told risk managers from some of Europe’s leading companies that they should not treat climate change as a “Doomsday” scenario. Instead, he said, they should look for the business opportunities in helping to mitigate the possible impacts and make local adaptions to the changing environment. Continue reading

Interview with Jesper Theilgaard

Interview with Jesper Theilgaard Continue reading

European organisations need to improve management of top risks

Risk management is developing into a strategic function within European organisations. At the same time, risk management can contribute much more as its strategic role grows. Currently, risk managers are not satisfied with the level of mitigation for six of the top 10 risks “that keep their CEO awake at night”.

These are key findings from the 2014 Risk Management Benchmarking Survey conducted earlier this year by the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). Now its 7th edition, the FERMA Benchmarking Survey this year received a record number of 850 responses from 21 European countries. Continue reading

FERMA and ECIIA respond to corporate transparency requirements with launch of new guidance document

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) and the European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) have responded to increased EU requirements for more corporate transparency with a new joint guidance document on the 8th Company Law Directive launched today at the FERMA Seminar.

Audit and risk committees are on the frontline of the transparency rules enacted by the EU over the last five years. Continue reading

Don’t miss the Seminar 2014 – Live streaming available during the event

for the first time ever, we’ll be live streaming the 2014 FERMA Seminar Continue reading

Biomedicine Forum- Ebola: Medical and Companies Security Risk Management

AGERS received more than fifty people in the “Ebola: Medical and Security Companies Risk Management – Biomedicine AGERS’ Forum”

The Spanish Asociation of Risk Management and Insurance (AGERS) received more than fifty people in the “ Ebola: Medical and Security Companies Risk Management – Biomedicine AGERS’ Seminar” with the purpose of understanding how do the companies face to this new risk and discussing some legal aspects concerning this outbreak. Continue reading

FERMA celebrates 40 years

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) will use the occasion of its Seminar on 20-21 October 2014 to celebrate its 40th anniversary with the publication of an anniversary brochure and a gala dinner. The Seminar will take place at the Square venue in central Brussels, where FERMA will announce the results of the 2014 FERMA Risk Management Benchmarking Survey.* Continue reading