Monthly Archives: December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014

The Board of Directors and the team of FERMA wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year 2014!
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AGERS awards the INADE Foundation for its drive towards best Risk Management Practice

On the 18th of December, at the Great Royal Madrid Club, the Spanish Association of Insurance and Risk Management (AGERS), awarded its annual DISTINCTION to the INADE Foundation, Atlantic Institute of Insurance, in recognition of its work in recent years aimed at spreading awareness of Risk Management. Continue reading

Interview with Alessandro De Felice and Paolo Rubini – Forum 2015

Interview with Alessandro De Felice (FERMA Vice President) and Paolo Rubini (ANRA President) on the 2015 Forum selection
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AGERS: Risk Manager’s session: Renewals 2013

On the 14th of November, at the end of the XIX Day of Expectations for the Renewal of Insurance Programmes for 2014, another exclusive Risk Manager’s meeting took place, attended by a group of nearly 30 professionals from various sectors: energy, engineering, distribution, transport and logistics, supply, infrastructure management, heavy industry, metals, banking and telecommunications, which delved deeper in to information regarding the state of the markets that had been mentioned during the meeting held in the morning. Continue reading

AGERS “LOOKS” to the future

On the 14th of November, in Madrid, AGERS united once again for the XIX Day of Expectations for the Renewal of Insurance Programmes, with great success. More than 300 people were in attendance, among them Insurers, Brokers, Experts, Intermediaries, Consultants, Independent Experts, Politicians, Public Institutions and a strong presence of Risk Managers. Continue reading

Forum report

This year’s very successful Forum is now behind us. Everyone was very pleased with the organisation and quality of services. And not only that. The speakers were also a great source of inspiration. Bertrand Piccard and Karel Van Hulle immediately set the level very high during the opening keynotes, the three different panels were also knowledgeable, and some workshops were so successful we had to close the doors and refuse more attendees! Gilles Desclaux concluded the event with some amazing insights into military risk management in the final keynote. Continue reading

Interview with Florence Bindelle – Seminar 2014

Interview with Florence Bindelle(Executive Director, FERMA) on the 2014 Seminar in Brussels
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Interview with Edwin Meyer

Interview with Edwin Meyer(General Manager Risk & Insurance, Arcelor MittalDirector) on his workshop on enterprise risk management during the Forum 2013
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