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The Risk Manager’s Barometre

The Barometre of the Risk Manager (in French) published every two years by AMRAE, in association with Deloitte, is intended to create a benchmarking tool for enterprises to position themselves in relation to the practices observed among businesses generally. Continue reading

Interview with Cristina Martinez on the 2014 FERMA benchmarking survey

Interview with Cristina Martinez, FERMA board member. Continue reading

New category of member – Interview with Pierre Sonigo

Interview with Pierre Sonigo, FERMA’s Secretary General. Continue reading

FERMA Position Paper on the 2013 Green Paper on Disaster Insurance



Read FERMA Press Release in English

FERMA discourages EU from compulsory schemes for catastrophe insurance

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) has told the European Commission that any new insurance solutions for catastrophe risks should be market based and respect freedom of choice for company insurance buyers. Continue reading

Interview with Jorge Luzzi

Interview with Jorge Luzzi, FERMA’s President. Continue reading

AIDA – FERMA Conference report

AIDA – FERMA Conference report is now available Continue reading

FERMA Newsletter 54 (Table of Contents)

FERMA Newsletter 54 (July 2013)
Download Newsletter 54
July 2013

Table of Contents

FERMA elects board members

FERMA elected four board members at its general assembly held on 20 June. Jorge Luzzi and Julia Graham were re-elected following the end of their previous three year mandates. Anders Esbjörnsson and Edwin V. Meyer were newly elected. All will serve for three years. Isabel Martinez who joined the board in 2012 to fill a vacancy was confirmed as a full board member. Continue reading

International individual and corporate members eligible for FERMA

FERMA has agreed a change to its bylaws to accept two new categories of members: individuals and companies with an interest in European risk management who are not eligible to join an existing FERMA member association. Continue reading