Monthly Archives: February 2013

Putting numbers to cyber risks

No risk manager can be unaware of cyber risks, but a much more difficult issue is how to put some numbers on the exposure for the specific company. This is a question that risk committees and boards are increasingly likely to ask. Their concern is growing, as FERMA’s work with Zurich Insurance and Harvard Business Review shows. Continue reading

How to become a thought leader?

FERMA invites any member willing to become a thought leader to write a short article in English on a topic of your choice (risk management in your country, your national event, a current concern in your industry…) to be published on FERMA’s social media channels . It only needs to be 200-250 words. We welcome any additional content you might wish to pass on or create. Continue reading

Why Social Media?

Don’t miss the conference call on social media on Monday 4th March 2013 from 11:00am to 12:00pm CET Continue reading

Get your broker license and boost your internal capabilities

Ongoing globalisation, emerging risks, fragmented insurance offerings and challenging regulatory environment. These trends, as well as continuing cost constraints in our multinational companies, do not really make it enjoyable to perform our job as risk (and insurance) managers these days. Continue reading

Enterprise risk management from the top

One of the best descriptions I have heard lately of enterprise risk management (ERM) came not from a risk manager, but from Cécile Coune, the CEO of specialist aviation insurer Aviabel. She and I were taking part in a seminar on risk management and internal audit organised by FERMA’s Belgian member BELRIM, and she was the opening speaker. Continue reading