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Interview with Marie Gemma Dequae

Interview with Marie Gemma Dequae, Scientofic Advisor, FERMA Continue reading

Many companies do not give sufficient attention to cyber risks – survey

Many companies still do not devote sufficient attention to cyber risks, despite an increase in frequency, scope, and sophistication – and harsher penalties for lack of regulatory compliance and loss of sensitive data. This finding comes from research conducted in association with the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, corporate insurer Zurich and the public sector risk management organisation PRIMO. Continue reading

Hearing voices – the failings of Basle III

In the language of psychology, it would be called the start of schizophrenia. For some time now, we have been hearing voices. They reiterate fears about an overly complicated prudential system which has lost sight of its objectives in a mass of detail that few can deal with. Continue reading

Interview with Sophie Mauvieux

Interview with Sophie Mauvieux, Group Risk & Insurance Manager, Gemalto Continue reading

FERMA Newsletter 51 (Table of Contents)

FERMA Newsletter 51 (January 2013)
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January 2013

Table of Contents

A New Year message from the President

We just have finished a very exciting year, full of challenges, but also full of achievements. Among the high points was the wonderful seminar in Versailles. Continue reading

What do you think of the FERMA Newsletter?

Do you like the FERMA newsletter? Do you think it needs changing? Continue reading

En route to Maastricht – Forum countdown

I’ve been in the event industry for quite a few years now and I still love this image. You’re on a platform waiting for the train. Continue reading

See the big picture at the 2013 FERMA Forum

We’re living in a riskier world. It’s complex and fast moving. Risk managers need to be equipped to inspire, educate and influence, and these are the central themes of the 2013 FERMA Forum around which the programme will turn. Continue reading

Some things you (probably) didn’t know about Maastricht

Most Europeans have heard of the southern Netherlands city Maastricht because it gave its name to the Treaty on European Union which was signed here on 7 February 1992. Continue reading