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Restoring the Markets in a Financial Crisis (Capital Markets Report 2012)

The IPO environment in 2010 appeared encouraging – a market in recovery following the credit crisis of 2008 and 2009 and, according to contemporary research, a year in which global IPO fundraising reached its second highest level ever. The potential risks and uncertainty in the macro economy were duly noted but it was envisaged that, barring another unforeseen crisis, global IPO markets could potentially be at least as dynamic in 2011 as had been the case in 2010. Continue reading

FERMA Newsletter 46 (Table of Contents)

FERMA Newsletter 46 (March 2012)
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March 2012
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Table of Contents

Be part of the most significant European risk management survey!

How important is it for you to be part of the most significant report on European risk management today? This is the question FERMA is asking European risk professionals ahead of the launch of the 2012 risk management benchmarking survey on 16 April. Continue reading

Letter from Brussels

Florence Bindelle, Executive Manager: Since I have been with FERMA, I have never experienced such an active and committed board where each member is enthusiastic about his or her project: Cristina Martinez on the benchmarking survey, Michel Dennery on the Seminar, Igor Mikhaylov on the certification, Peter den Dekker on the Forum, Arnout van der Veer on finance and Julia Graham on ISO 31000 and 31004. Continue reading

FERMA welcomes a new member – Luxembourg

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) welcomes a new member this week: the Luxembourg risk management association, Professionals in Risk Management (PRiM). This brings FERMA’s total membership to 22 associations from 20 countries. Continue reading

New FERMA board member

The enlargement of FERMA thanks to PRiM’s membership has resulted in an increase in the size of the FERMA board from 10 to 11. Alessandro De Felice, Risk Manager of Prysmian, previously a substitute, will now be a full member of the board. Continue reading

A FERMA voice on ISO implementation

FERMA has received liaison status to the international group which is in the process of producing a practical guide to the implementation of the ISO 31000 risk management standard. Vice President Julia Graham is FERMA’s representative and can make proposals and comment on preliminary reports and drafts of the new document, which will be ISO 31004.
Continue reading

… they did it again!

This is the ‘before’ picture of the team led by FERMA board member Peter den Dekker (centre) which again tackled the difficult Viking Run, an 80km skating race from Uppsala to Stockholm. What began as an idea to promote the 2011 FERMA Forum in Stockholm could become an annual outing, according to Strategic Risk editor Nathan Skinner (left) who has taken part on both occasions. This year everyone got a medal. Continue reading

The President makes waves

LatAm Insurance Review has named FERMA President Jorge Luzzi a top ten industry leader in Latin America. “He continues to make waves in the LatAm insurance industry today, most notably through his efforts, via FERMA, to effect change with regard to the new Brazilian reinsurance rules,” says the citation. Continue reading

Seminar programme is taking shape

A committee under Vice President Michel Dennery is now putting the programme for the 2012 FERMA Seminar in place. The seminar will be the venue for the announcement of the results of the important FERMA risk management benchmarking survey, as it has been for the last 12 years. Continue reading