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Keynote (Magnus Lindkvist)

Magnus Lindkvist is difficult to put in a box. Is he a futurologist, a writer, a researcher, a professor, a professional speaker or all at once ? He names himself a trendspotter which means he is able to detect trends and project them into the future. He combines insights about them with exuberant energy and personal warmth to create vivid images of the world we live in and the world we will live in. He mixes measurable, tangible data with imaginative, emotional ideas to discover the point at which business logic and human magic meet. His new book “The attack of the unexpected” is a guide to surprises and uncertainty. Magnus Lindkvist was elected best speaker in Sweden in 2009. Continue reading

Why should Risk professionals attend the FERMA Forum?

Interview with Peter Den Dekker – President of FERMA (The Federation of European Risk Management Associations). The FERMA Forum 2011 will be held in Stockholm (Oct. 2 – Oct 5) Continue reading