Thierry van Santen (FERMA President from 2001 to 2005)

During his presidency, FERMA’s visibility increased hugely.

Thierry van SantenThierry van Santen developed permanent contacts with the European Commission. The European Commission (DG Internal Market) established in 2003 a restricted group (Expert Group) of top-calibre market practitioners to assist in assessing the effectiveness of recent measures to integrate European markets for insurance in which FERMA has been represented by Thierry van Santen. He led the position of FERMA in the discussions on the Reinsurance directive and the Environmental Liability Directive. FERMA helped to advise new and prospective members in the events held in Istanbul, Vilnius and Sofia about best practice in insurance and risk management through the programme organised by the European Commission’s Technical Assistance Exchange Instrument (TAILEX – DG Enlargement) for the expanding community. The European Commission (DG Competition) launched sector inquiries in financial services in the European Union including in the area of business insurance in 2006. Thierry van Santen was leading the voice of FERMA in the discussions and consultations. He also holds regular meetings with the Comité Européen des Assurances and the BIPAR.

In 2003, Thierry promoted the adoption of the Risk Management Standard (developed by AIRMIC, IRM, ALARM) by FERMA. The standard is translated in 14 languages. The risk management standard Is recognized beside other reference guides such as COSO II in the European Audit Committee Leadership Network that gathers a group of audit committee chairs. In 2004, Thierry van Santen initiated the discussions with BIPAR and CEA on a charter for transparency principles for large risks.

During his presidency, he continued to promote and develop the communication between and towards the members. The website has been used a true communication tool; the first FERMA risk management benchmarking survey was launched and a newsletter reporting every two months about the activities of FERMA and the members was set up.

The enlargement process continued, DVS from Germany, created in 1901 was the first risk management association in Europe and they joined FERMA in May 2003, followed by Apogeris from Portugal in October 2003. RUSRISK from Russia and SWERMA from Sweden joined the association in May 2004.

In 2004, with specific support from AIRMIC, FERMA supported the development of an online risk management course called “Prorim” in the frame of the Leonardo da Vinci funding of the EC.

FERMA also carried out a large revision of its by-laws in 2004.

After his presidency, Thierry van Santen took the position of Director of European affairs and continued to be active representing the interests of the Federation toward the European authorities until he left his position as group risk manager with the company Danone to become Chief Executive Officer for Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty in 2008.

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