Maurizio Castelli (FERMA President from 1999 to 2001)

Maurizio CastelliAt the time of his presidency of FERMA, Maurizio Castelli was the Group Risk Manager at Milano Based Pirelli Group.

As Secretary General of FERMA between 1997 and 1999 he promoted, along with other board members, and coordinated an intense work of research among the member associations to find out the desires and the available resources to set-up an enhanced and more active and recognized role of the federation. This effort became known as the “New FERMA” project.
As a result of such project, when he took over the presidency, FERMA established a permanent office in Brussels and hired a full time executive manager.

Another major achievement of the “New FERMA” project was that the format of the FERMA Risk Management Forum was entirely revised. The Forum moved for the first time away from Monte-Carlo. The rotation in European cities and the local support of national member principles were introduced; the first Forum with this new approach was successfully run in Berlin in 1999. Additionally, during Mr. Castelli’s presidency, the new name FERMA was intensively promoted and begun recognized and a new logo was adopted.

Mr Castelli increased the communication and the relations with the members of the Federation. He established close contacts with risk management associations internationally. He also initiated the relations with the media and developed new communication tools with the launch of the FERMA website and the Forum of discussion.

The first FERMA seminar took place in Brussels in October 2000.

After his presidency, Mr Maurizio Castelli took the position of International liaison Officer for FERMA and different managing positions within Ifrima (International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations) where he was chairman until 2006.

In June 2006 he joined XL Insurance and left his roles within the different boards of Risk Management associations he was part of. However he is still active as lecturer on Risk Management topics in Italian universities (Verona and Politecnico of Milano) and as speaker at various Risk management conferences.

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