Marie-Gemma Dequae (FERMA President from 2005 to 2009)

Marie-Gemma DequaeWhen Marie-Gemma Dequae took the presidency of the Federation in 2005, Marie-Gemma has already a strong experience in association leadership. She has been president of the Belgian Risk Management Association for more than 10 years. For the first time FERMA was lead by a woman. Mrs Dequae was Group Risk Manager with the Bekaert group.

During her presidency the enlargement process has never been so active. New members joined the association: BRIMA (Bulgaria) in May 2006; POLRISK (Poland) and FINNRIMA (Finland) in May 2007. With these continuing extensions, FERMA Board also started a working group to improve the management of the meetings for more efficiency.

In Autumn 2006, the project of the Prorim e-learning course was finalized and the UK member developed the commercialization of the product.

In 2006, the website was entirely redesigned with a private section much more dense. It is also on the occasion of the Seminar in October releasing the results of the third edition of the FERMA benchmarking risk management survey that the first European Newsletter was established in collaboration with the law firm Steptoe. The European newsletter provides an insight on European regulatory developments impacting risk management profession.

In December 2006, the office moved from a Business centre to new premises in Brussels.

She continues to meet regularly with FUEDI.
In 2007, Marie-Gemma Dequae was re-elected President for another term and during that year the Federation presented a position paper on the ISO risk management standard. The subject continued to be actively discussed within a working group on risk management standardization.

At the same period, the enlargement continued with POLRISK and FINNRIMA joining FERMA bringing to 15 the number of countries members of FERMA. FERMA moved office for more efficiency and independency. FERMA replied to the Business Insurance Enquiry consultation from DG Competition. The FERMA Risk Management Forum reached unprecedented figures of attendees in October in Geneva. Marie-Gemma was also involved in the discussion with the market and the transparency of brokers remuneration with BIPAR.

In 2008, the Benchmarking survey gathered a record number of responses and the October seminar was extended to one day and a half to open the discussions to European topics inviting Commission and Brussels stakeholders representatives. She encouraged FERMA members to make their voice heard by responding to QIS 4 to defend Captives interest under Solvency II regulation. During that year, CEA issued a report entitled “The Environmental Liability Directive: Enhancing Sustainable Insurance Solutions” to which FERMA actively contributed.

A major reform of governance of FERMA was undertaken during her presidency to increase the efficiency and commitment of Board members following the enlargement of the Federation. For the first time Board members were elected independently from their national representation. The Risk management profession being more under considerable pressure, both internally and externally, she considered the role of the association as essential in helping risk managers cope with these pressures, by providing pertinent information, keeping them up-to-date with new developments, allowing for networking and defending the profession’s interests with government agencies or other trade organizations. Aspar CZ, the Czech Risk Management Association joined the 16 members of FERMA.

During 2009, Marie-Gemma Dequae started to install monthly communication with the presidents of the National Associations with conference calls. Marie-Gemma continued the relations and development of Risk Management Associations in Slovenia, Norway, Turkey and Morocco. Marie-Gemma Dequae also gives numerous lectures in risk management in different risk management conferences.

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