Hugh Loader (FERMA President from 1994 to 1999)

Hugh Loader, then Director of Insurance and Risk Management for the Swiss headquarted Tetra Laval Group, became President at a very difficult moment because of AEAI having some internal troubles. With a great sense of diplomacy, he helped the associations to surmount the temporary difficulty and was able to consolidate the support of the entire membership to strengthen the association and to take it forward on a more professional basis.

Prior to becoming President Hugh Loader had been extensively involved with the establishment of the joint AEAI – RIMS Risk Management Forum in Monte Carlo.

Contacts outside the founding European associations had always been one of Hugh Loader’s concerns and he was, while representing AEAI and AIRMIC, elected the first Chairman and President of IFRIMA when it was formed in 1984. This international work was recognized by the Australian Risk Management Association with his election as their only overseas based Honorary Life Member.

It was during his presidency that the name of AEAI was replaced in 1995 by FERMA and a new logo was adopted; the new name was considered more in line with the promotion of Risk Management, the basic aim of the association.

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