François Jaeger (FERMA President from 1977 to 1984)

François JaegerFrançois Jaeger, born in 1918, graduated with an EE degree from EEMI and after WWII founded and run a publishing company. He graduated in the executive MBA program of the HEC School group (Centre de Perfectionnement aux Affaires: CPA) in 1955 and was appointed general secretary of the “Tréfileries et Laminoirs du Havre”. This company became Tréfimetaux in 1962 and was integrated in 1967 within the Pechiney-Ugine-Kuhlmann Group (PUK). In 1968 François Jaeger joins the top management of Pechiney and was given the responsibility of Insurance and industrial risk management department as well as the real estate and the investors relations departments. Concurrently he was a professor at the Executive MBA program of HEC (CPA) and, from 1969 on he participates in the academic cursus committee as the general secretary of its Office of Industrial and Commercial Research (Bureau de Recherche Industrielle et Commercial, BRIC). He held this teaching position for over 20 years, in parallel with his activity at Pechiney.

His activities at Pechiney quickly concentrated on the insurance and industrial risks prevention management. He created one of the first captive insurance company, the “Societé d’Assurance et de Risques Industriels” as its president. In this context of Risk Manager of Pechiney, he participated in the creation of the “Groupement des Assurés du Commerce et de l’Industrie” (GACI) the first French organization dedicated to Risk Management , which later became AMRAE (Association pour la Maîtrise des Risques et Assurances de l’Entreprise). He was GACI’s president from 1973 to 1983. The lobbying action of the French industrialists started to organize itself at the EU level where the European insurance harmonization was taking place. GACI inspired and participated in the creation of a European Federation: European Association of industrial Insurance holders. François Jaeger was its president from 1977 to 1984. In Parallel, he was appointed by the French Government to the boards of the National Reinsurance Company and of “Groupe des Assurances Nationales” (GAN) from 1977 to 1983. He was a member of several other insurance and reinsurance companies’ boards: Corifrance, Assurop and Hansa. He relinquished his professional activities in 1983 and then dedicated a large part of his time to benevolent activities especially on the board of “Union des Oeuvres Catholiques de France”, an organization of periodical publications for the youth. He retired in the Provence where for the rest of his life he was publishing a chronicle emailed every month to his numerous family member all over the world. He passed away in 2009 at his home in Séguret (Provence). He was a Knight in the National Order of Merit.

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